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Want a free website every month..?

A couple of mates of mine have put together a really cool offer of a free website every month…

~> Get Your Free Monthly Web Sites Here

now I know you probably here the “my mates” line in emails from loads of people, but just to show you I really mean it when I say it, here’s a photo of me out drinking with Dave & John, and a couple of other marketing mates, just a couple of weeks ago: –

these guys really are drinking buddies of mine, AND they really have put together a great offer for you…

and yup, the guys really are giving websites away every month!

here’s a taster of what you get: –

~ Choose your own contact details and add the form to your website.

~ Add your own copyright text and your own privacy info.

~ Complete your own SEO and key words.

~ *Major Update* Choose your own theme, colors and design, and also the ability to upload custom graphics!

~ Select your add choice of either Clickbank or Googles Adsense program. Alternatively place another ad program of your choice in the alternative ad section.

~ Targeted key words affiliates section. Become an affiliate of all the products promoted on the website every month, by simply adding your Clickbank id and hitting save! Instant affiliated banners and products.

~ Add your own subscription box/form, from a choice of four companies – Aweber, Get Response, Wizard Responder or Prosender. Easily integrate your code to each site to collect on build your list. (This is massive)

~ The ability to add new pages to your websites every month! You can add unlimited pages to our websites to make it fully customizable content. This eliminates the duplicate content problems from the previous websites.

~ Add more content to the already fresh new articles supplied every month. Again eliminating duplicate content issues from past versions.

but how can you use these to actually make money…?

grab your site here ~> Get Your Free Monthly Web Sites Here

here’s the most obvious ways: –

~ AdSense Ads – The old ads are still bringing in the dollars!

~ ClickBank Ads – Targeted ads focuses on feeds from the ClickBank market place and targeted to your niche whatever it may be.

~ List Building – Integrated subscription boxes to collect email addresses from each visitor to your website. We all know the money is in the list, so the guys have added this feature for you every month.

~ Social Networking add-on – utilize the latest web 2.0 techniques to advertise your sites on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many many more with the click of a button.

~ Your own Ads – you have the ability to control your own advertising banners and graphics with the special FMW control panel.

~ Advertising Space – Why not change others for using your website to advertise. This is also possible within the easy edit control panel.

These guys are genuine, there is no catch, it’s just a couple of old marketers providing you with some top quality old fashioned value for nothing, zero, zip, nada, free.

they’ve even put together a free report that will explain how everything works and how you can make the most from FMW…

download the free report here: –

or the pdf version here: –

or just go check out how to grab your free site every month here: –

Get Your Free Monthly Web Sites Here

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Comment by Gary T
2010-10-24 08:11:09

Hi Matt,
Great web site, or should I say Sites, as you have several 😉
I’ve been following your content and checking out the Great Video’s for a few weeks now. Its all top class stuff and very clear and easy to follow. Top marks.
I already know about Mr Thornhill n co’s free web sites. I must say it all looks top class too. I’m already subscibed, if thats the right term for a free offer? 😛
I must admit I’m having some teething problems finding compatable hosts for the sites, but once thats sorted I’m sure it gona be good stuff.
Keep up the good work.

Gary T.


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