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Google+ Profit Plan

Google+ in no longer invite only, anyone can get in, so it’s time to get up to speed…

Google+ Profit Plan includes: –

~ The truth behind the Google+ strategy, and why you need to be active now to maintain your position as a serious marketer

~ How to organise your friends and posts using Google+ (this valuable resource will keep the right information in the right hands)

~ How to get Google+ to make recommendations to you of things you like (this little-used feature is a great idea generation and research tool)

~ More efficient use of Google+… save time with these top tips for beginning, intermediate and advanced Google+ users

~ The methods you need to keep your Google+ information private (Facebook has long been criticised about how difficult it makes this – Google+ makes it easy if you can follow some simple guidelines)

~ Techniques to migrate your friends, photos and videos from Facebook to Google+ (Facebook deliberately make this difficult, but it’s easy when you follow this process)

~ Integration techniques to allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – you get real ‘bang for your buck’ when you do this

~ How to use Google+ to get interest in your business, and how all the little-known features of Google+ can work perfectly with your existing personal social networking presence

don’t miss out on Google’s answer to facebook: –

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