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you know by now how obsessed I am about finding new sources of easy and good quality backlinks to my sites right?

it’s one of my favorite “passtimes” online as I know whenever I find a cool new linking tool I can use it to increase the backlinks to my sites and get more targeted visitors to your sites.

and more targeted visitors = more sales = more cash for beer.. πŸ™‚

and I really do seem to be having one of those awesome weeks this week, a few days ago a guy called Dave Kelly who I met just over two years ago got in touch to see if I’d like to check out his newΒ  backlinks system.

Of course I said yes!

here’s the important bits:

1. it’s dead easy to use

2. there’s not limit on the number of links you can end up getting to your sites with this system

3. the blogs that you will get links on are all PR2 to PR5 and good quality sites, not a “blog farm” with crappy content, and they have thousands of incoming links. This is a real network of quality blogs.

4. there will only be 300 spots available in total and this is going to be promoted by some big name marketers today, so it’s likely that all the spots will go VERY QUICKLY…

in fact, I’ve been in touch with Dave, and I know that almost 100 of those spots have already been taken and it’s only been open a few hours!

5. these are high quality, keyword targeted (you choose the keywords) links that will make a HUGE difference to your sites rankings

6. you can use this service for a whole bunch of your sites, I’m nto sure that they even have a limit yet, other than 5 links per site each day, which is sensible anyway to not set off red flags at google..

7. to make life even easier, there’s an option to have their content writers prepare the fresh unique keyowrd based content for you, with your keyword links in, so you just need to approve the post to have it put in to the network, saving you the time of writing the content yourself or having to outsource it elsewhere!

now that’s a real time saver. πŸ™‚

8. there’s a $50 discount just for today

I’m going to be using this one a LOT myself, I suggest you grab a spot before it’s too late..

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