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I want to show you two sites today, bear with me, they are related and there’s a wicked opportunity here…

The first is here (but don’t sign up!): –

Internet Business Training Programs

Why don’t I want you to sign up for it?

well, it’s a pretty cool site, offering a massive amount of top notch training material from some of the worlds best online marketers, and you’re probably keen to get your hands on your own copy, but…

how about having your own private label copy of the site that you can use to build up a residual recurring income..?

yeah, I thought you might like that, I did too. 🙂

so here’s the thing, for the next 7 days only, Terry is offering a limited number of “PLR” (private label rights) copies of this site!

Instant Membership Site 2

the site itself has been valued at $33,638!

but you not only get the site and graphics, and all the content, you also get the software that runs the site!!!

all you need to add is traffic!

and you can do that for free through blogs, forum marketing and articles, or ramp it up with some paid adverts in ezines (cheaper than ppc), or go the whole hog with a PPC campign.

don’t forget this is a membership based site that you will have, so the earning potential is simply huge!

let’s be really pessimistic and say that you don’t manage to get one new member every day (although you should be able to achieve this fairly quickly with just some fgree traffic tactics), let’s say you just get one new member every other day and you just charge $20, how much is that at the end of the first month..?

30 days @ one new member every other day = 15 new members x $20 = $300 in the first month

but here’s the power of a membership site, if you get just the same number of new members again next month you’ll then have 30 memebers in total and get $600 for the month, then $900 in the third month etc.

do you see how quickly it starts to add up?

of course you will lose some members along the way, but with a site of this quality you can expect it to be 10% or less each month, and to be fair I’d be very surprised if with a little bit of effort you couldn’t get at least one new member every day, I know I’m going to be aiming a bit higher than that with my version of the site! 🙂

Instant Membership Site 2

don’t forget the site is packed with fantastic audio courses from some of the world’s best marketers, in fact there’s over 45 different sets of training audios to learn from, so it’s going to be pretty damned easy to sell!

oh, there’s also the option for you to have an affiliate program, so you can even get other people to promote your new site for you!!

however you choose to drive traffic to it, you’ve now got the perfect “back end” for all the work you do online, one where you get paid over and over again!

This is such a “no brainer” that I’m getting myself a copy of this, so if you run in to any problems getting yours up and running I’ll be able to help, although Terry has done a video showing it all, and he’s also offering a installation and set up service if you prefer… 🙂

oh, Terry’s also added a video further doen the page that gives you a walk through of your new site: –

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Comment by Carl
2008-09-25 09:37:26

Membership sites are a good way to have a continuous income stream that will build over time if the site provides quality information or services. I am not sure about having 350 people selling this same membership site. Will the ones they sell to, also sell this membership site?
Most people will not be able to develop a membership site such as this one and they will not be able to provide the monthly content. Thus, this is an advantage by having your own working membership website.

Comment by admin
2008-09-25 11:54:12

Hi Carl,
most people who bought will probably not end up taking action and selling the site, that’s just human nature. I’d be surprised if more than 5% do use it.
The site didn’tcome with MMR rights, so people can’t sell the site on either.


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