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“Crazy Pete” has lost it again!

Crazy Pete’s SEO Tool

Pete’s letting a few more people get in on his badd ass “SEO” tool…

this thing can get you SHED LOADS of free visitors from the search engines without you having to know how all that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff works.

You just grab some articles and let this beast loose!

Best of all is it’s just $1 right now, so you can grab it, use it, and let the results speak for themselves!

This kick ass tool will even setup accounts at over 60 of the top social networking sites for you on auto pilot!!!

that’s something I usually pay $50+ for someone to do for me on Rentacoder or elance…

hmm, just a thought here, perhaps you could even make money by using this tool to offer that as a service…..

# it also submits your articles to articles sites..
# it also posts to your blogs for you..
# and uploads videos to all the major video sites for you…
# and submits your RSS feeds to all the major RSS directories, giving you even more high quality, one way backlinks….

# AND it’s creates truly powerful 3 way linking for you from a bunch of authority sites to force your site even higher up the search engine results, bringing even more visitors!

most SEO “experts” just aim to get your site listed in the top 3 spots in Google, but with this manic tool the aim is to get all of the first 5, 6 or 7 spots totally taken over by you!!!

nut’s right?

yup, but that’s why I call this guy “Crazy Pete”, he manages to do this, over and over again!

go see for yourself: –

Crazy Pete’s SEO Tool

when this was released for the first time just 4 weeks ago, all 1,000 spots available were taken VERY QUICKLY.

This time there’s only 400 spots and I reckon they’re going to be gone even faster…

not really surprising with results the kind of results it’s getting: –

a.  “no.1 for a hot keyword within 7 hours!”

b.  “Then I came back a few hours later and checked to see if it was is google yet.
For the keyword I was targeting I was already #5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 in Google for specific match and #8 and 10 for the broad match. I hardly did anything! 30 minutes of any real work indeed! I am now thinking of all the possibilities…
there are so many good keywords with this amount or less competition that can be easily dominated.”

c.  “#8 and #9 out of 94,600,000, with OUT quotes and this is after two days, so its still holding!”

d.  “The results are in – 6 (SIX) of the first 7 sites in Google are mine.
That’s positions #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #7! YEEHAAARR!”

e.  “I’m STUNNED – #3 in 2.5 hours!”

Crazy Pete’s SEO Tool

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Comment by Leetudestino
2008-12-13 13:58:31

wonderful news , i need to know what palces sell this sistem by $ 1 😛


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