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I had plans to spend most of this weekend sitting in front of the TV, being Lazy, and catching up on a bunch of Hero’s episodes that I’ve been saving up to watch in one go, but my plan went out of the window…


well I picked up a new report on Friday night and have spent half the weekend reading it and making notes, I couldn’t put the damn thing down!

The report is called Google Snatch and dispells the commonly held beliefs about how difficult Search Engine Optimization is.

Latif, the guy who wrote it, is a fellow brit who has top spots in Google for some VERY competetive keywords and the report shows you how he does it so you can replicate his methods and get free traffic

I should mention that Latif’s english ins’t perfect, and some of his metaphors are funny, but you probably won’t even notice, as the quality of the info in this report will keep you hooked all the way through.

Pay special attention to the keyword research tips from page 20 onwards, especially “LSI” on page 23 (although Latif doesn’t call it LSI, it is what he’s explainging, and keyword density on page 26, as well as Title tags on page 32

There’s also some excellent article writing tips (page 57) and important article submission guidlines to get the most from your articles, and the site structure (known as “Silo” structure) on page 94.

There are also some great blueprints at the end from page 101 onwards.

Oh, I should probably also mention that Latif’s agreed to let me offer you $30 off the normal price, but only until the end of Tuesday, so go grab your copy now while it’s cheap…

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