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please AVOID reading this post if you’re NOT interested to own a ready-made custom blog tailored to your specific needs..

I’m talking about a professional looking WordPress (WP) Blog which attracts traffic, gets visitors and finally makes real money while you spend more time with your spouse, family, friends, kids, dog, cat etc…

This is a special, very time limited offer from my good friend Codrut Turcanu at so read on as I let him explain the offer in detail…

On the otherhand, if you’re feeling too lazy to read, then you can watch a short video (just over 10 mins) that shows the same offer instead: –

Blog Building Offer Video

N.B he even shows 3 LIVE examples of blogs he created for other clients!

I’ll hand over to Codrut –>

“The Ultimate focus of your blog must be to turn traffic into sales and visitors into LOYAL fans who will buy from your recommendations over and over again…

preferably without you having to be a GURU or know how to write content!

And the best part is that you can promote anything that you want on this blog, whether it’s AdSense, affiliate programs, or your own products.
So the Sky’s the limit!

But it is important to keep advertising and promotion at minimum because people are much more interested in getting real, valuable, interesting and useful content than in clicking on ads or banners.

That’s obvious if you think about what you preder yourself, but it’s also tested & proven fact.

So let’s talk about blogs for a minute; the first one which I created was a simple one, just to pre-launch my monthly membership site.

It generated up to $3,200 in the first two months, and the profits from this blog alone were up to $14,000 in less than 11 months (a passive, “hands free” income).

Another blog, the second one which I created, was as simple as the first one, nothing fancy, basic theme, one or two plugins, etc..

yet it generated up to $8,300 in the first 30 days (pre)selling a 3-month eCoaching program.

In the past months I managed to learn the ART of WP blog installation and management..

all its ins and outs..

I can quickly install one with all the important plugins and widgets in less than 60 minutes..

whereas for beginners it’ll takes days, weeks and even months to learn to not only do it, but also to do it the right way!

I know that I’ve spent months learning this ‘techie’ stuff myself, and spent a lot of frustration, effort and energy along the way…

You should know one thing – WP ( is way better than Google’s Blogger or Yahoo’s 360 service because you OWN your BLOG!

You OWN it, no one can take it away from you and cost you all the hard work and effort you’ve put in to it…

if you host it with a host provider via (more about this later on) then you own it!

With hosted blog services, like Blogger and Yahoo360, you don’t have any rights over the site, so Google or Yahoo can delete it without notice for any perceived or alleged (true or not) breach of their terms of service.

Basically that means anyone (e.g. a competitor) can send an email to them saying that your blog is just “Spam” or includes copyrighted material, and they will delete it, with no way of you getting it back, period!

I’ve heard some horror stories of people getting their Blogger blogs deleted in a heart beat.

I prefer to have total control over my blogs, that’s why building your blog with WP on a host which has one-click installs (or Fantastico) allowing WP blog installation is the KEY to owning and controlling your own business 🙂

So here’s what you’d need before I create your blog (if you’re serious and interested in my offer – read below)

** A paid hosting account which accepts WP.

Read Matt’s Blog Post Here For A Good Host: – The Best Reseller Hosting Offer 

I personally USE and can recommend two hosting providers (the cost is around $9 per month for one account), and that’s all you need to pay before you start with this..
** you will also need a free or low-cost autoresponder account so that you GET subscribers via your blog and follow-up with them to generate money, real money.

I have some recommendations for you on these, both free AND paid solutions!

So, here’s what I can do for you (in 3 days or less), but be aware that this is a time-limited SPECIAL offer because my time is limited and I can only build blogs just for 3-5 folks this month (June 2008):

#1 – I create a Fully-functional WordPress Blog with a Widget-Ready Theme for your specific niche or sub-niche

*** it comes loaded with anti-spam solutions

*** includes the All-In-One-SEO plugin to attract SE traffic at no cost (think big Google)

*** it’s Feedburner integrated to give readers free updates via e-mail (you’ll have to create a free account with feedburner, and give me the login details, but ONLY after I create your blog)

*** it’s AdSense compatible so that you have your adsense ads appear automatically on all your blog pages..

you do NOTHING – just watch your earnings increasing!

*** it’s loaded with your TOP 5 fave affiliate product (or service) links

*** I craft an opt-in offer for blog updates and free alerts so that folks get your latest blog postings with no headaches.

Hint – you’ll have to own an autoresponder (I can recommend a free or low-cost autoresponder company that I use if you have no option so far)..

or we can integrate the opt-in system with Feedburner ONLY, at no-cost, it’s up to you..

I prefer a stand alone autoresponder though because you have TOTAL control over your list and you can mail it at any time, plus schedule broadcasts whenever you want it. From my understanding, you can’t do that with Feedburner yet!

*** I also use FTP and activate other cool widgets & plugins to make your blog unique, powerful and profitable 🙂

You’ll have a ready-made REMARKABLE blog, an opt-in offer, your own list..

plus, as a SPECIAL BONUS I’ll research the web for the BEST articles in your field and include the TOP 10 on your blog.

We have a variety of sources that we use like for e.g.,, plus other little-known article directories.

Or, if you have your own content, send it to me, and I’ll include it on your blog (as 10 separate articles/postings).

You don’t have to be a Guru to make real money online. And the most exciting part is this:

Your blog readers will appreciate your new blog since it’s packed with red-hot CONTENT; some of them will join your list and out of those, most should buy from your recommendations sooner or later.

So I’ll make sure to pick the cream of the cream when it comes to these 10 articles..

and will even add some cool images for high impact and eye pleasure.

Obviously the rest depends on you, you’ll have to add more content to your blog.

It’s very EASY!
You have four BIG choices:

1. grab reprint-rights articles from sites such as those above.. just keep the resource box intact and give proper credit to ALL the article writers!

2. ask friends or online buddies to write articles on your behalf (some will do it free)

3. hire ghost-writers ($2-$10/article) via, or

4. read other blogs in your niche field, then share your tips with your blog readers (write in your own words).

As I said earlier, the Sky really is the limit. That’s not the problem. The biggest problem (which is more than half-solved) is to have your blog up and running within 3 days, the promotion part is EASY.. once you have the blog finished (and I can give details on that too).

The million-dollar question is this..

How much is my service worth to you?

How much is a money-making blog worth to you?

When you make more money online on autopilot, you’d have more time to spend with your spouse, family, friends and/or kids; then this deal is worth far more than $2,500 in my opinion and might be exactly what you’re looking for..

What do you say?

If you’re asking yourself how much I charge for this, please read further..

The truth is that’s not going to be expensive, nor cheap. To be honest, I make a habit to deliver only top-notch services & tremendous value while keeping all customers happy and healthy..

That’s why I’m making YOU a Special offer, that’s just impossible hard to refuse if you’re serious about blogging…

You can invest a one-time $499.95 and I’ll craft your blog in 3 days or less with everything I promised (and you SAVE $1,495.00)

If you’re interested in this, here’s the link to pay via CREDIT card or PayPal ($499.95 – SILVER) :

Silver Offer

(this goes to Plimus’s 100% safe & secure servers which is a better platform than ClickBank or PayDotcom)

#2 – I also provide VIP (limited) e-mail consultation for 30 days to help you with promoting the blog online, and with any questions you might have about this project.

Because I’m too busy I’d have to limit e-mails at 2 per week, that’s over 8 questions in total.

If you want 30-day ‘unlimited’ VIP e-mail support.. and a one-hour SKYPE phone consultation with me, then the cost is just a one-time $995.95 (and you SAVE $1,995.00)

If you’re interested in this, here’s the link to pay via CREDIT card or PayPal ($995.95 – GOLD) :

Gold Offer

(this also goes to Plimus’s 100% safe & secure servers which is a better platform than ClickBank or PayDotcom)

I’m looking forward to installing your blog and helping you start making money online.. FAST!

Do you need a*money-back guarantee?

What I’m providing is a personalized service which takes time, knowledge and skills, not a book or coaching program, so there’s NO money-back guarantee, sorry..

I DO totally GUARANTEE you’ll LOVE the blog which I create for you OR I’ll tweak it until you do!

And keep this in mind – YOUR BLOG would become the core basis of your online business and should generate profits for years and years to come.

A blog combined with an opt-in list is a dangerous weapon, a solid business strategy guaranteed to produce long-term results for you and hopefully for your entire family 🙂

You can’t possibly imagine what will happen two or three months later down the road after you get your blog all setup and ready to run..

You’ll build a poll of INSTANT readers, Traffic and *buyers which will make you happy and why not, wealthy..

if you know how to do it (and I teach you all this).

Failing is not an option with my support, guidance and motivational e-mails.

If I made it happen (from ZERO), you will too!

I provide practical tips because you have my promise that I’ll teach you how to use your blog and make*money with it – that’s WHY I provide VIP e-mail consultation in the first place.. so you won’t be left with eyes in the sun!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, just let me know 🙂

Codrut Turcanu – “Succeeding Against All Odds!”

P.S. Not sure about your niche, or not picked an affiliate product yet?

If you did not decide on a niche or product/program first, at least give me some details about you and your offline/online interests.. I’m sure I could help you tap into a niche FAST!”

–> Back to me.. 🙂


it’s one heck of an offer isn’t it…

I’d love to be able to offers this kind of deal myself, but I just couldn’t afford to at the price Codrut’s doing this!!

He is serious about the limited places available though, even he can’t afford to offer this for more than just a handfull of fast acting people…
and remember you can also watch the video and Codrut explains EXACTLY you’re GETTING in this seriously limited offer..
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Comment by Steven Stojak
2008-07-31 00:32:24

I would like to know if you can restructure a more attractive template, and add in some real money making techniques to a blog that already exists, just does not earn money at the time. Please feel free to email me with details.

Comment by admin
2008-08-01 13:32:17

Hi Steven,
you’ll have to ask Codrut that, click on the link below and then click the “contact” link in the top right hand side –


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