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we’ve all heard of web 2.0 and how important it is right?

well I’ve just finished reading a book that helped me understand how I can use web 2.0 social network sites to drive more visitors to all my sites, and more traffic means more sales, which is always cool..

This new ebook covers the whole range of Web 2.0 traffic tactics, from Vlogs (video blogs) to podcasting on blogs, including how to publish your podcast on itunes (and other podcast directories) for extra traffic…

it also reveals which are the best social network sites to sign up to and use for getting more high quality visitors to your sites, including some I’d not come across before myself.

I even found out what Presence Streams are, how they work and how I can use them to my advantage to get more visitors to my sites.

and I can’t wait to try out adding shoutboxes to some of my sites!

it’s not a lightweight book, there’s over 120 pages of useful info.

Free tool to get 32 socialsite backlinks in 15 minutes!!!

the free social marker resource on page 106 simply rocks! I recently paid $197 for a tool that does the same thing…

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