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I make quite a few posts every week about new products, more than I’d prefer, and that’s after filtering out the “crap”stuff.

I’m trying to make sure that you see the best products and services that are available, so that you can then pick the ones that are right for your business.

I also try to give you as much detail about each one so that you can make an informed choice and not have to just rely on the promises made on the salespage.

I trust that you will know what fits your business and what doesn’t, and never forget the golden rule, if you can’t make use of a product or service to improve your business straight away, then don’t buy it..

Having said that, there is one thing that all of us always need more of, TRAFFIC!

and the best source of traffic is obviously free targeted traffic – ultimate traffic

That’s why, although I know I’ve mentioned this more than once already, and at the danger of irritating you if you’ve already signed up (good call!), I’m going to remind you about the best traffic tools offer I’ve found, ever..

Whatever you do online, you need traffic.

Visitors to you website, blog or squeeze page are the lifeblood of your online business, the more you can get, the more healthy and profitable your business will be, simple and true.

Getting tools that help you generate more backlinks and bring in new visitors for free should always be important to your business, so having the chance to get hold of 26 such tools in one go, with more being added every month, is not 
a difficult decision, really.

These tools have been used to bring in over 1 million free Unique visitors to just one website last year!

There’s also now a 10 day trial to make it a real “can’t lose” deal..

and although the page says that there are less than 50 places left, I happen to know it’s a lot less than that, this is one of the most important offers you will see this year, and it will be gone VERY SOON!

ultimate traffic

I’d already paid full price for just two of the 26 tools you get a couple of weeks ago, before I found out about this offer, and I still didn’t hesitate to sign up..


Simple, I’ve been testing those two tools and they’re already paying for themselves!

The two that I’ve been playing with are the Shoutbox Submitter and the Image Comment Submitter, so once you’ve signed up grab those and start playing with them, they’re pretty damned easy to use.

The next one’s on my list to try are the Yahoo Groups Submitter, the AQLer, Stealth Advertiser, Search Engine Clicker and the Banner Slammer.

and that’s just a start, there’s so many tools for generating free traffic in this, with more added every month, it’s going to keep me busy for a looong while!

Please don’t miss out on this one…

ultimate traffic

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