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Free SEO DVD’s

Isn’t it fun when a big launch goes “pear shaped”!!!

you may have seen some emails promoting the launch of the new Stomper 2 SEO DVD’s yesterday, which was looking like being another one of those “big” noisy launches, and then it all went wrong…

they had to postpone the launch because they messed up their servers and stuff… lol!

The launch is now re-scheduled for 2pm EST (7pm GMT) today

I wasn’t going to mention it, as I hadn’t taken a look at it, but because of all the mess up I decided to go take a look, I’m glad I did…

Stomper 2

I’ve changed my mind about telling you about it simply because it’s way to good an offer to miss out on, I’ll be heading over and grabbing myself a copy as soon as it’s open.

Why is it too good to miss out on?

Simple, they’ve gone nuts and are giving away the whole set of DVD’s on everything you ever needed to know about SEO for FREE!!!

all you have to pay is the shipping and handling, I don’t know how much that will be yet, but I’ll be paying even though mine needs to be shipped all the way to the UK.

I bought the original Stomper SEO course when it was first released about 4 years ago and it’s still the best SEO course I’ve ever had, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this new DVD version.

There is (of course) an upsell for their new hardcopy newsletter, and the first copy is free, but it does actually look like it’s going to be worth the cost, unlike Mike Filsaime’s “The Best Damn Newlsetter” which I’ve been getting for the last 3 months and has failed to impress me, so I’ll be cancelling that and getting this instead.

Forget about whether you’re interested in their newsletter or not, just go grab the free DVD set while you can, this is one of those offers that just has to be grabbed while it’s their.

These guys arethe very best in the world at SEO, their private membership site costs an arm and a leg to join, like over $800 a month, so getting these videos for free is just insane!


Stomper 2


Sidenote: it’s my birthday on Saturday, and the partying will probably start Friday night, or possibly tonight as my ex-wife is coming around for a drink, and the hangover will no doubt still be with me through till monday…

So I’ve just set up some emails to come out to you over the next three days and the good news is that they’re all for some wicked FREE stuff that I’vemanaged to set up for you, just my way of sharing my birthday celebrations with you! 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for the emails coming…

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