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Awesome Free Motivational Video From Tony Robbins, Frank Kern & John Reese

“This video freaked with my mind, and spun me around, literally!”

I get so many emails every day from pretty much every marketer on the planet it seems, I guess you’re probably the same.

some days it can take an hour or more just to work out which ones to delete and which I want to take a look at, but that’s just part of my job as your “crap filter”, finding the best bits to check out, and junking the rest… 🙂

anyway, it was actually a friend who sent me this video link and told me I should watch it, that was a few weeks ago and I only got around to watching it last night, but WOW!!!! what a video!!!

it’s obviously a “set up” interview/conversation between Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins. I guess it’s either a “social proof” exercise, or a warm up for some future product they’re working on, but I really don’t care, the video stands on it’s own.

now I will say you need to bear with it a little while, it’s not hugely long, but the bit you REALLY need to check out is about half way through.

it’s a real simple exercise, that I joined in with while I was watching, don’t laugh! 😉

now here’s the thing, I’ve got a pretty positive mind set, as well as an open mind, but these simple exercise freaked me out, it worked so well!!

I’m now going to use the same technique every day to help me get more done, think about that and how you could do the same when you watch the exercise.

and yes, please join in, don’t worry about looking daft, no one’s watching, just do it! 🙂

so here’s the video to watch first, but don’t forget to come back here straight after, as I’ve got one more thing for you…

go watch the video first: –

you watched it?

told you it was a cool exercise!!! 🙂

now go and take a few minutes to check out exactly what is possible when you do use these sort of techniques to get your head in the right place: –

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