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I’ve just been reading a free report from a guy I met (and had a couple of beers with) back in Oct called Alex Jeffries, a fellow Welshman. I may live in England now, but I was born in Wales, officially making me a “Taffy”. 🙂

I wasn’t planning on printing it out, as it’s 118 pages long, but it’s actually printing now as I write this, simply because it’s such a good read…

It’s not only full of real useful tips for launching your own product and making the most from any product after the launch, bt it’s also kind of fun to read as Alex has a cool writing style.

Go and grab yourself a copy here:

Post Launch

There is an upsell page (of course) that you have to get through to get to the free download of the report, but it’s a damn good offer, including not only 13 videos, but also a copy of Alex’s Easy Profit Auctions, which he charges $97 for on it’s own, so take a quick look while you’re there…

Post Launch


on a different topic, you may remeber me mentioning Joel Comm’s “The Next Internet Millionaire” show recently when he held the final competition, well today Joel’s opened up access to all the training that the contestants had during the series.

For each episode of the show the students had a coaching class from some of the very best internet marketers in the world, including:

Mark Joyner
Marlon Sanders
Armand Morin
Mike Filsaime
Brad Fallon
Dave Taylor
Jeff Walker
Perry Marshall
Rich Schefren
and Joel himself, of course.

but if you were following the show online you only got to see the first few minutes of each coaching session…

Well now Joel is letting you see the whole lot, at a price of course, but a fairly reasonable one I have to say, as I was expecting this to be a $997+ course and it’s not…

you can check it all out here:

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