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Review of Neil Shearing’s Fast Traffic Blueprint

Neil Shearing has been making money online longer than any one I know, he sold his first ebook way back in 1997!

His new traffic blueprint is based on his own case study of how he pulled in well over 100,000 visitors to a brand new blog in it’s first year, all from free traffic!

The blueprint includes an easy to follow 63 page pdf along with 5 tutorial videos.

I’ve known and followed Neil’s stuff for almost a decade, so I know when he releases something new he’s done his research thoroughly and is sharing real results from stuff he does himself.

This basically means reading his report gave me an insight in to how he drives traffic to his sites and yes, whilst I knew a lot of the stuff in there, I was still able to pick up a couple excellent new tips that I will be using in my own business…

here’s a few of the bits that I especially like about the Fast Traffic Blueprint: –

~ It’s not based on the “make money online/work at home/internet marketing niche”

~ The report is clear enough for a “newbie” to follow, but good enough for an “expert” to get new stuff from as well

~ He covers the only way you should be using Twitter, imho! (page 11) *

~ The “automated listbuilding” tip on page 33 & 49/50 can also be done with AWeber **

~ Neil is honest about what worked for him as well as WHAT DIDN’T!

~ Neil covers some truly excellent plugins, whilst keeping it simple and not going overboard with too many, which is easily done…

~ Neil’s tip for making sure you can sell your blog easily at a later date if you want to (page 36)

~ The super simple, but highly effective way to get loads ideas for fresh new content sent to you every day (page 39) ***

~ The two best types of blog content to use (page 42+)

~ Neil’s “Promotion Cascade” techniques for instant backlinks (page 45+) ****

~ How to create one piece of content that can be used over, and over, and over (etc.) again! (page 53)

~ The advanced sources for backlinks & long-term traffic (page 54+)

~ & MAKE SURE you also read the excellent “Penalties” & “TheOneSecret” bonus pdf reports!

Notes & bonuses: –

The page numbers I’ve included may not be accurate as I got hold of a review copy of the report the day before launch.

* If you grab a copy of the Fast Traffic Blueprint through my link below I will tell you how I automate all of my Twitter marketing, across over a dozen different twitter accounts in different niche markets.

** If you grab your copy of FTB using my link below I’ll also include a copy of the AWeber Unleashed video tutorials for you.

*** As another bonus I’ll also give you the link for step by step my video on how to do this (from page 39)

**** Grab your copy of FTB through my link and I’ll also show you a neat way to make the “Auto-Syndicating” process Neil covers here on page 46 totally hands free!

To grab your bonuses use this link to grab your copy of Neil’s Fast Traffic Blueprint: –

Fast Traffic Blueprint

then visit and open a support ticket with your receipt info from the receipt email you receive from Neil.

Neil also includes two excellent bonus reports, the first (penalties.pdf) explains more about Google’s indexing penalties, how they work and how to avoid them, and the second (TheOneSecret.pdf) includes a bit more about Neil’s own background, and his views (which I thoroughly agree with) on how online marketing should be done!

Neil’s Fast Traffic Blueprint basically covers some excellent, effective, usable and easily repeatable techniques for generating long term traffic (and income), all backed up by his own case study so you can see the actual results these traffic tactics generate.

If you have (or plan on having) and kind of website or blog then IMHO (in my humble opinion) this really is a no brainer…

I’ve been doing “SEO” (search engine marketing) and building niche websites and blogs for a decade and I still managed to pick up a couple of new bits that I’m going to use myself, so even and old hand like myself can get his “monies worth” out of this report!

Note: The 50% discount is only for the first 7 days, Neil WILL put the price up, so don’t delay, click the link now – Fast Traffic Blueprint

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