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As the last post was so long (sorry!) I’ll keep this one as short as possible…

I’ve gotta keep it quick anyway, as the neighbours keep popping around as they found out I’d got a stash of bottled drinking water in the garage and there’s none to be had in the shops since the floods took out the local water pumping station and we all ran out of tap water.

I should probably be setting up a stall outside selling it, but between my neighbours and me, we’re getting thorugh it a bit too quick.

Summary: Super Quick PPC : only of interest for adwords users, not a “newbie” tool

Even Dave Moore, who never recommends anything outside of his own SuperApprentice ( program, is HOT on this one, and he just happens to have tested it out, which is cool, as I’ve not had chance to do a full test yet…

what does it do?

well it speeds up the process of setting up adwords ppc campaigns, a lot.

It helps you to set up hundreds of targeted adwords groups with thousands of keywords in minutes instead of hours…


it reduces your CPC (cost per click) rates by creating keyword focused landing pages to improve the landing page quality score, meaning you get your clicks A LOT CHEAPER…

What did Dave think?

on the test he set up with 370+ adgroups and 9800+ keywords (set up in less than 15 mins) in less than 24 hours he got 54,109 impressions at an average cost of $0.07 per click, with an average ad placement of 3.1

If you use adwords those figures should make you want to stop reading this and GO LOOK NOW, right…?

Dave also mentioned something that had occurred to me when I was looking at the landing page part of the system.

Don’t use this tool on a “White Hat” domain that you want to rank well in the search engines, as the landing pages will appear similar to those generated by a “MFA” (made for adsense) site building tool, which could get the site dropped from the SERP’s.

Just use it on a separate domains specifically for the adwords landing pages, that’s what it’s designed for after all.

The other point that’s well worth mentioning is that there are other systems that do similar stuff, although not as well from what I’ve seen, that all charge a (fairly high) monthly fee.

This is a one off cost, making it really GOOD VALUE…

check it out here:

N.B. if you get speed ppc you will need to set up a mysql database on your server to install it.

If this is not something you’ve done before and you want some help just email me at mat [at] mat4 [dot] com and I’ll get a video done to show you how.

Although I won’t be able to get it done until wednesday next week as I’m abandoning my home due to the lack of running water here, we’re out of running water for a week or so until they get the pumping station back online. 🙁

I’m heading off camping on friday as I’m not keen on being that smelly…
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