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A couple of years ago expired domains used to be one of those real internet “insider” secrets for making easy money. There was very good money to be made if you could find the right tools for the job, but it was difficult and expensive to get the right tools.

I know from experience, I’ve been buying expired domains for almost  five years now and I’ve never found a service that I was really happy with for locating good expiring domains.

Now there are LOTS of tools and services on offer, at varying price  levels. I’ve tried (and dumped) most of them.

I continued my search because I know how powerful a tactic it can be, expecially when used in conjunction with the LazyGitMarketing method, so I wanted to find something that worked to share with you.

Well, I’ve found one that does everything I need, and more.

Over the last few weeks I’ve grabbed a whole bunch of PR5 and PR6 sites.

In fact, by the time you read this I’m hoping to have grabbed a PR7 site as well…

In the first 48 hours of using this service I was able to pick up three PR5 and one PR6 domain, which goes to show just how good this service is.

I’ve added a video about grabbing expired domains to my videos on

you can go straight to the video here:

In fact, I like the service so much I actually ended up doing a new video for the guy who runs the service, so if you visit the site you may find the voice on the video there familiar…


it also helps that this particular service is one of the cheapest for Expired Domains available, they provide more useful information than I’ve seen in some services that cost over 3 times as much!

So what can you do with all these high PageRank sites?

Well, they are absolutley ideal for the Lazy Git Marketing Method, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, WHY NOT!?!

but they can also be used for AdSense, promoting affiliate programs or even just selling on for a quick profit…

If you want to be really lazy about it (who doesn’t), then I’ve managed to find another service that fits in perfectly with this tactic…

It’s basically a very simple way of automatically building out sites with automated content and your own adsense ads. You just provide the domains and some keywords and they provide the hosting and the content!

I moved 4 of my parked domains to this service just over a week ago  to see how they perfomed and I’m so happy with the results that I’m going to be moving a LOT more of my parked domains across this week.

In seven days the 4 domains have earned over 10 times as much as they were for the same period of time on my previous parking service and with the way this new service works I expect that to go up over the coming weeks/months.


Well, when you add a domain to this service you not only put in your own google AdSense ads to go on the sites, but you also give it a list of keywords for the site and it builds out a whole bunch of real content pages for the site based on these keywords, so it’s basically a “Made For Adsense” site building tool that is REAL easy to use..

I ran some of the pages through copyscape and they are pretty much unique, not totally as the pages do use RSS feeds, so some sentances aren’t uniques, but the overall “uniqueness” of the pages is good enough  imho..

So over time these extra pages should also get picked up by the  search engines and start earning me even more money.

You can check it out for yourself here:


Apologies for this being such a long email, but this is really hot stuff (IMHO).

I know that using these two systems with LazyGitMarketing are going to make a pretty darn significant difference to my bottom line over the coming months." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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