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There’s a whole bunch of stuff being launched today, none of which I’ve tried, so I wasn’t planning on sending you an email today, especially as my parents are visiting!

I wasn’t even planning on buying this one myself, but..

Affiliate Conspiracy

well, my folks headed home early (I’d cleaned up before they came, so after lunch mum didn’t have any “tidying” up she could do, she can’t just sit and talk) so I was scanning through all of today’s promo emails and something in one of them caught my eye.

here’s the deal, it’s yet another product about Adwords PPC and clickbank, it seems like there’s a never ending supply of them, but this does have a real difference, or three…

1st – it’s from Eric Rockefeller, who is truly an expert at PPC and Clickbank

2nd – it’s videos that are NOT longwinded and boring, but go direct to the stuff you need to know and make it easy to watch “over Eric’s shoulder” so you can duplicate his success

3rd – he even gives you 3 profitable niche markets to start off with!

I’ve bought and read just about every one of the PPC/Clickbank products that’s been released over the last 2-3 years, so I’m not exactly a “newbie” at this, and yet there were still some VERY cool NEW tips and tricks for me to use!

I’ve only just started to go through all the stuff in it, but I plan to take the time to get through it all over the weekend, so as a special bonus, if you pick up a copy through my link below, I’ll let you ask me any questions you want about it and how to get up and running, and I may even do a couple of extra videos for any “extras” I think of…

Affiliate Conspiracy

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I didn’t get a “complimentary” review copy, I paid for it myself, here’s my order details as proof: –

Product Title:  The Affiliate Conspiracy 
Today’s Payment: One payment of $90.47 (US Dollars) 
Taxes: $13.47 ClickBank’s VAT number is EU826000301. 
Your ClickBank order number:  D7EZLQWQ 

and I went for the advanced videos to, as they’re not exactly expensive, and I actually thought to take a screenshot of that receipt page: –

eric rockefeller affiliate conspiracy

Here’s my link again: –

Affiliate Conspiracy" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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