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N.B. If you know nothing about SEO and are a Search Engine Optimization newbie you would be better off grabbing this free book SEO to start with: –

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SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) was one of my first “passions” online, I started studying how to get free traffic to my sites by optimizing them for the search engines for over 7 years now, so I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

Last October I met a guy who I consider to be THE guy when it comes to understanding SEO.

SEO Club

Why is he so good?

easy, because he has a huge array of sites that he uses to actually track and test the real results for in the Seach Engines, so his advice is based on pure facts and cold hard evidence!

I’m going to do a new video over the weekend that I’ll share with you as soon as it’s finished (I’d do it now but I’m about to go collect my kids for the weekend). This video will be to share just one VERY simple, but VERY effective tactic for getting more SEO targeted backlinks to your blogs immediately, and for free.

It’s just one of the MANY tips and tactics that this guy has to share, based on his evidence of what actually works, but it’s the only one I can share with you, the rest are all protected by an NDA I had to sign to get in to his private SEO Club.

So why am I telling you all this?

Simple, he’s got a special offer on for his SEO Club today.

The standard price to get in is $297.

Until the end of today only, you can get in for just $47

Oh, and he’s actually making a loss on that price as when you join he ships you 3 DVD’s to watch to start learning from…

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