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N.B. This is quite a long message, but there’s nothing to buy in here, so put your credit card away!

I hope you’ve taken the time to have a quick look at the last two videos on using the TagK Facebook app to get backlinks to your sites from facebook, the next two videos, about favicons, are now posted…

If you’re not sure what a Favicon is, go take a look at and you’ll see that in your browser bar there’s a customized graphic next to the site name instead of the default internet explorer or firefox graphic.

why should you be interested in having a favicon, well they’re not just for fun, they help to “brand” your site and make it stand out more in the mind of your visitor, meaning that they are more likely to bookmark your site and come back to visit again.

This is also helped by the fact that the same customized icon will appear next to the site listing in the “favourites” in their browser if they bookmark the site, making it stand out again..

So how hard is it to add a favicon to your site?

it’s actually very simple and I’ve made two videos to show you how to:

1. create your own favicon

2. add your new favicon graphic to your site

you can view the both videos on my blog

feel free to post any comments on the blog to let me know what you think fo the videos and creating/using favicons.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting 3 videos on that show you:

1. how to install the tool bar in your browser

2. how to use to “stumble” your sites to get more traffic

3. how to add the Stumbleupon profile button to your blog

Using Public Domain Content

I’ve found a product for you on using Public Domain Content that’s more than just a simple ebook and I’ll be posting this on tomorrow morning, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done.

More Free Tutorial Videos Coming This Week

I hope you’re finding the videos I’m doing for you useful, but as always feel free to get in touch with any feedback, comments or suggestions for new videos.

To do so you can open a ticket on under the “ Videos – suggestions & feedback” department.

The next 3 videos that I’ll be posting later this week arte:

1. claiming your blog on Technorati & adding the Technorati Widget to your blog

2. adding your blog to MyBlogLog & adding the MyBlogLog widget to your blog

3. adding your blog to BlogCatalog & adding the BlogCatalog Widget to your blog

N.B. all three of these blog sites can help bring extra visitors to your blog, as well as providing an extra “authority” backlink to your site, and they only take 5-10 minutes each to set up, so they are well worth doing.

Future Tutorial Videos Planned

here’s a quick list of some of the videos I have planned for you over the next few weeks to help you get more traffic to your sites and blogs:

1. Adding the Alexa Widget

2. setting up a Squidoo page

3. setting up HubPages

4. using feedburner for your RSS feed

5. using an automated social posting tool, and which are the best to use

6. using

7. setting up a PLR sales letter

8. setting up an info product download page

9. adding a PayPal order button

10. setting up an Aweber autoresponder

11. adding an optin form to your blogs and sales pages

12. Using Blog Carnivals for extra traffic

the list is actually a lot longer than that, but I hope you get the idea of the kind of useful content I’ve got planned for you over the coming weeks and months.

My intention this year is to try and spend less time reviewing other peoples products for you and more showing you the stuff you REALLY need to know to get your online business in to top gear…

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