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Covert Copy Traffic is one of the best new plugins I’ve come across in ages!

if you have any type of website you should get a copy, it is a plugin, but the code they use can work with regular html sites as well!

What does it do?

It recovers a whole bunch of lost traffic and gets you extra links.

How does it do this?

It automatically inserts your link whenever people steal (or share) you content!

Why is this important?

This is huge because recent stats have shown that up to 70% of all social sharing is done by simply copy and pasting the content to email…

In fact 6% of all your blog visits may result in a copy and paste share you get zero credit for!

This plugin you will automatically get links and traffic when people copy and paste your blog content.

AND even better news, this pluging is so simple to use you can have it installed and working in just 7 seconds!

some important points to consider: –

~ The 7 seconds is not a gimmick. When you install and activate the plugin – it works right out of the box!

~ The fact that so many people share via email is not generally known, most people are focused on Facebook, Pinterest etc. and miss out on this one!

~ We are all missing out on traffic due to cut and paste, this plugin fixes the problem instantly

~ The plugin will no interfere with or replace other social media strategies – it simply mops up the 70% that are currently lost to you.

~ The plugin is not intended to prevent people from copy and pasting your content, In fact with the plugin installed you want as many people as possible to keep doing so, because you’ll now benefit from it…

I’ve never seen a plugin that does this, so I’m expecting this to be a very popular plugin, in other words the DimeSale price is going to go up pretty quick, so the sooner you grab your copy the cheaper it’s going to be…

here’s the link to sheck it out: – Covert Copy Traffic

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