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So what’s so important about cloaking your affiliate links..?

[Phantom Link Cloaker Video Below]

several things in fact: –

1. first of all it means you can change a long, ugly, and obviously affiliate url like this –

in to something shorter, esier to remember (depending on the url you use) and not so obviously an affiliate url, like this: –

which also allows you to choose the wording for the actual link, so you can use something descriptive and relevant, as I did in the link above, or a word that catches attention in some manner, such as: –

2. this also helps to stop affiliate commission “theft”, or “hoplink hijacking”, with popular affiliate systems like Clickbank, where it’s easy for a visitor to replace the affiliate link with their own, as shown in the video below.

3. using a cloaked affiliate link also allows you to place that link anywhere, such as on a blog like this, or in a free pdf report, and if for some reason in the future you need to change where the link actually sends people.

for example if the original product or service recommended is no longer available, then you can simply change the destination url in your cloaking system and send anyone clicking on the link to somewhere new…

3. any decent link cloaking system will have built in click tracking so you can keep track of your stats.

So here’s a quick video showing you how easy the new Phantom Link Cloaker is to use, and why I think it’s the best link cloaking system I’ve ever seen, especially with it’s ability to capture subscribers…

Click Here to get your copy of Phantom Link Cloaker" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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Comment by Randy
2009-12-13 12:01:38

Nice link cloaker, This creates great links. :mrgreen:

Comment by normz2
2009-12-13 13:01:55

Thanks for the informative video. I will have to check my affiliate links to see if they have been compromized.

Comment by Jeff Morrow
2010-01-19 11:13:33

Cloaking is fine, but hiding your referral is actually MORE important for those of us who use PPC to drive traffic.

Comment by Albert J lujan
2010-02-13 18:30:37

I’ve seen alot of different cloakrs and this has to be the best with monetizing! awsome.. I have to use this thax GREAT proudut.


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