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I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to get through today, including a lot of freebies stuff, and I’m going to try and get through it quickly as I’m about to head out for a few pre-Xmas beers with a couple of friends, so here goes…

1. First of all thank you for all the positive feedback on my recommendation NOT to buy QuickFire Profits yesterday, I appreciate all your support, and I do believe it’s part of my job to warn you about products or services that I don’t feel live up to their “sales blurb”.

I was a bit surprised on this one, as Rob Benwell has done some very useful stuff in the past, but this one just didn’t “cut the mustard” for me. The good news is Rob has lived up to the “no quibbles” refund policy and the refund confirmation came through promptly.

ย ~##~

2. There’s a HUGE giveaway just started that has a LOT of VERY cool stuff you can grab for free, check it out here:

Xmas Giveaways

I’ve got a couple more freebies for you further down too, so keep reading…


3. About a month ago I told you about an excellent new product from fellow Brit, Michael Green. Well, as it’s been over the “20 days” mentioned in the product description I got in touch with him a couple of days ago to find out how his customers were getting on and he replied saying rather than him saying anything, here’s a bunch of comments from customers themselves…

and there were a LOT!

rather than include them all, here’s just a couple that will give you an idea of just how happy people are with the product:

“Michael, boy was that fun. I took your 20/20 Challenge seriously and feel like I’ve really put my back into it, but 20 Days later and I’ve achieved my dream of earning enough money online not to have to work the day job anymore. Thank goodness”
Thank you – Sarah Coates, Concord, NH, USA.

“$20k in 20 days?ย  I’ve just done it and then some ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thanks Michael. I never really thought it would be possible, but you’ve (or perhaps that is I’ve) proved myself wrong. I’m very grateful.”
John Speck, San Fran, USA.

as a quick recap, the 20/20 Challenge is designed to show you how to make $20k in as little as 20 Days by following simple step-by-step instructions…

Go try it out for yourself and you could be joining the long list of happy customers who are considerably better off after just 20 days:

$20,000 in 20 days

I’m actually going to run through this myself shortly as a full case study, and as I’d quite like to make an extra $20,000 in just 20 days, so you’ll be in good company whne you sign up.

and as an extra bonus for any one who does use my link to sign up, I’m going to put together a BIG PLR package myself that I’ll offer you at the cheapest price I can, so let me know when you’ve singed up and I’ll send you details as soon as I’ve got the package put together.

That way you’ll have an excellent selection of stuff to choose from to make your 20/20 project a real killer product!

$20,000 in 20 days


4. Free Keywords and Link Tracking Tools

I managed to pickup the rights for a couple of neat tools earlier this week to add to my resources site.

If you haven’t checked out yet, it’s where I put links to all of the different resources that I find useful.

you can find the two new free tools on this page:

SEO Tools

and here’s the direct download linksย  in case you want to just grab those:

link tracking tool –

keyword tool –

I’ve also recently updated the “misc.” page with a whole bunch of links, including Public Domain stuff, a free graphics tool (Gimp), a free MS Office alternative (openoffice) and a free FTP tool (FileZilla).

the page is here:

Public Domain Resources

don’t bother signing up to the optin on, you’re already on one of my lists if you got this email, and you probably already get more than enuff emails from me, you don’t want even more! ๐Ÿ™‚


5. Thanks for the feedback on the cheap article writing ebook i set up for you yesterday!

As it was so popular I’m going to try and make the time to add a new plr ebook each week with a similar “dirt cheap” discount price for you. Feel free to let me know which topics are of most interest to you and I’ll try and dig out ones that are most popular.

if you missed yesterdays offer, you can check it out here:

Lazy Mans Way To Writing Articles – Cheap ebooks


hmm, I think I mentioned I had a lot to cover today, thanks for taking the time to read it all and I hope you found at least one or two bits that are useful for you.

as always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me (ask mattask mattg) or visit and open a support ticket, but please don’t expect an immediate response, I answer all my emails personally, so it may take me a while to get back to you, especially as I’m heading out for a few beers tonight, I probably won’t be very “coherent” until later on tomorrow, my friends are heavy drinkers and it seems to take me longer and longer to recover from these little get-togethers as I get older…

oh, and I’m going to apologise for my consistent miss spellings in my emails, I know I should always run my email through a spell checker before sending them, but I’m not know as “that lazy git” for nothing!
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