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sometimes things just fall in to place as if they were meant to be, today seems to have been one of those days…

There’s two parts to this email:

a. Where to get LOTS of CHEAP traffic
b. How to build that in to a Highly Profitable & Viral List


a. Getting the traffic CHEAP…

I mentioned yesterday that someone had asked me to check out a couple of new reports, I didn’t get past the first one, I got too damned excited!

this report is about a “new” way to get an absolute mountain of qualified leads straight to your website, offer or squeeze page, and dont worry if you don’t have a website, offer or squeeze page yet, I’ll cover that in a moment, but first I’ve got a couple of things I need to say about this new report:

1. it’s short (39 pages), easy to read and understand

2. the “new” way of getting visitors is actually a type of co-reg/ppc style advertising, the “new” bit is where it’s coming from and how the system is set up, oh, and the sheer volume of traffic you can get at seriously rock bottom costs.

3. the guy who wrote this report did a trial run of the methods for 30 days and managed to make $464.49 in profit at the same time as building a new subscriber list of 16,291 people!!!

would you like to build a list of that size in just a month?

4. this really is new and people who get in on this in the next few weeks are likely to VERY HAPPY!

I think it’s so important that I’ve spent a few hours today re-arranging my schedule for this week to make time to work on a project based on this report, I’ve even cancelled a planned night out with three of my best friends on Wednesday night becuase I want to get in on this quickly, and you know how much I like to go out and party!

so here’s a link for the report so you can check it out:

Adwords Alternative

If you’ve already got a product to offer and/or a squeeze page then you may not “need” to read the next bit, but you might just find it makes a huge difference to your list building if you do…


b. got the traffic, now let’s take care of the rest…

Since I started using brandable reports to promote my business my daily optins to my lists have increased by over 800%, and that’sjust from ONE brandable report…

So I know first hand how powerful it is to use brandable ebooks and reports for my business, but I also know that it takes a while to put them together.

well I’ve found the solution for this problem too…

It’s a complete system, including 300 brandable ebooks for you to use across a massive range of markets, as well as the squeeze page you need and the list building software, all in one go!

There’s also an extra bit that makes it more powerful, the viral componant to help make your list consintue to grow on autopilot!

fortunatly, there’s a couple of videos to help explain the viral bit, how it works and why it’s so important, as it’s a lot easier to “see” than it is to read an explanation of, especially an explanation written by me…

viral video 1

viral video 2

viral video 3

viral video 4

oh, don’t worry, the videos aren’t long, they’re all under 5 mins.

or you can skip the videos and just go check out what you get, including that list of 300 ebooks:
Viral List Building


here’s the really important bit that I want you to get:

if you put these two things together (part a + part b), you effectively have a real online business that could easily be providing you a job killing wage in just a few weeks!

The only extra work required is to pick out some suitable affiliate programs to review and send the reviews out to your new subscriber list, and you can find suitable affiliate programs for pretty much any market on,,, etc. etc.

2007 isn’t over yet, there’s still time to take the first steps to build your online business, and get in on this new cheap traffic opportunity…

and if you have already started building your business, imagine how it would feel having an extra 10,000 subscribers on your list in the next few weeks, and turning that “Viral”!?!

sounds like a heck of a New Years Present to me!
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