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Social Bookmark Automation [Blog Video Tutorials]

just a very quick post today to let you know about a couple of tutorial videos on automating your social bookmarking backlinks from WP blogs: –

Getting backlinks from social bookmarking site is actually pretty easy to automate if you know the right two free sites to use…

so I’ve made a video to show you how I do it and how you can easily do the same, it’s on the blog post here: –

WP Auto Social Bookmarking Backlinks Poster

while I was at it I thought I’d better also do a quick extra video on getting a bunch more Social Profile Backlinks…

and this video is real quick, under 2 mins, check it out on the blog post here: –

Social Profile Backlinks

Google+ Profit Plan

Google+ in no longer invite only, anyone can get in, so it’s time to get up to speed…

Google+ Profit Plan includes: –

~ The truth behind the Google+ strategy, and why you need to be active now to maintain your position as a serious marketer

~ How to organise your friends and posts using Google+ (this valuable resource will keep the right information in the right hands)

~ How to get Google+ to make recommendations to you of things you like (this little-used feature is a great idea generation and research tool)

~ More efficient use of Google+… save time with these top tips for beginning, intermediate and advanced Google+ users

~ The methods you need to keep your Google+ information private (Facebook has long been criticised about how difficult it makes this – Google+ makes it easy if you can follow some simple guidelines)

SENuke Automated Video Submitter Software

This is the 3rd demo video for the SENuke X showing how you can use the system to automatically submit your videos to a whole bunch of video sharing sites, I’ll include links to the other two video blog posts below the video.

here’s the previous video/blog post I made showing how easy it is to create all those profiles using the system: –

and here’s a new one I’ve just finished on how to do RSS directory submissions with it: –

Grab your copy of SENuke X Here : – SENuke X

[this post:]


Google Snatch 2

Google Snatch 2 – the Fr.e.e traffic formula

it’s all about traffic right?

the more visitors you can get to your blog, website or squeeze page, the more money you can make!

so the biggest question we all face is how to get loads more traffic without spending any more money..?

that’s exactly what the “Fr.e.e Click Formula 3.0” will show you: –

Google Snatch 2

It’s a 165 page no hold barred manual, providing the fundamentals and step by step instructions to get an avalanche of FREE traffic without using Adwords. It’s NOT in large fonts to cover the book in quantity, it’s in normal fonts and full of quality.

8 hard-coded blueprints that explain every step you need to execute to attract every free targeted visitor to your website.

ever wanted your own social network site like facebook or myspace..?

well now you can!

There’s a video explaing it all, and although the guys ramble a bit at the start:wink:, give them a few minutes and you’ll get to the real meat in the video, and they’re not going to be letting many of these social network sites out there, so you need to be veryquick…

Want to make videos better than mine..?

I got to eat a bit of humble pie today!

I thought I was fairly good at knocking out quality videos for driving traffic and getting commissions, but I just discovered how “basic” mine look compared to what you can do with the right training: –

I’ve already signed up for next months class, I know how powerful videos can be, I get a LOT of traffic from my “basic” ones, so I can’t wait to see how much extra traffic and sales I can generate with the top quality videos I’ll be able to make soon!

why not join me…

Web Video University

If you read my recent post on BlogTactics here –  Submitting Videos For Traffic
then you know how I use the videos I make for you to get loads of free backlinks from video authority sites ..

AND drive hundreds of free visitors to my blog every day!

but I forgot to mention that they also earn me money from people viewing them on some of those video sites…

I’ve got hold of a short, “no fluff” (12 page) report that covers how to do this and lists some of the top sites to use for not just videos, but all sorts of content.

I’ve put a copy of the report on on the “Free” page here:

Free Internet Marketing Resources

or you can just click on this link to download the zip file:

did you know that you can make money from your articles and videos without needing your own website?

This is one of those little known secrets that just a few people “in the know” are making money from with very little effort, over and over again..

Surefire Success

The content you use doesn’t need to be fantastic.

Reviews, tips, recipes, “how to” videos will all work.

This system shows how you can take advantage of some of the biggest sites on the net to get paid over and over again for just doing the work once, that’s always good..


Surefire Success

Patric Chan has just released his new Niche Marketing 2.0 and I missed the small point that there are only 200 places on offer!

With the “Guru’s” he’s got on board to promote this it wouldn’t surprise me if all 200 spots are gone by the end of the day..

If you’re interested in getting a turnkey system to build Web 2.0 automated niche sites then you should head over to right now..

In fact if you’re quick there are some pretty cool “fast action” bonuses too, like getting your own bespoke graphics for your Niche 2.0 site..

If you’re wondering what a Niche Marketing 2.0 site is, well it’skind of like a super blog on steroids, with a whole bunch of automated features, like auto list building, built in for you.

I’ve been working on some new videos for my internet marketing videos site and the first two are finished.

The first one shows how to add a Ping list to your WP blog..

WP has a neat feature where it will automatically “ping” (i.e. inform) a list of RSS directories whenever you make a new post, which can get your some links and bring in extra traffic.

I’ve added a list of the sites I “ping” to to my Free Internet Marketing Resources site, the video shows where to grab the zip file and how to put them in to your blog.

The second video is about getting links to your sites from your Facebook Profile page!