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Pre Written Website Traffic Emails

poweremailsGrab MRR to 30 Traffic Emails & Squeeze page

I’ve got a quick special offer for you today, 30 top notch Traffic email articles that you can use for an ezine follow up sequence, complete with a squeeze paqge for building your list, AND you get Master Resale Rights to the whole lot…

Everyone knows the biggest question of internet marketers is “How do I get more traffic?”

1. It’s their biggest problem.
2. It’s their biggest interest.
3. It’s what they need the most.

It’s no secret that Traffic Generation is the best selling subject in internet marketing… PERIOD.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Package Of 30 Traffic Generation Power E-Mails

A. 30 Traffic Generation Power E-Mails with Master Resell Rights
B. A Squeeze Page to Build Your List
C. A One-Time-Offer Sales Page Sales Page Just Like This One

Automated Backlinks Plugin

I guess you’re probably thinking ‘not another automated backlinks tool’…

yup, but then can you ever have too many backlinks to your site..?

the answer, in case you were wondering, is no, you only get in trouble by getting too many backlinks too quickly, which this deals with, or by getting too many backlinks from the same source, which this partly dals with, but you shuold use this as part of your overall backlinks strategy anyway.

Quicklink: –  Automated Backlinks Plugin

Note #1: there is a demo video on the page, just scroll down a bit to watch it.

Note #2: If you saw my blog post (and demo video – Automated Backlinks Software) for WPSBoxPro then what this new plugin does may seem somewhat similar, and that’s because it is, it essentially does much tthe same thing, but it does it in a different way.

Automated Backlinks Software

Automated Backlinks Software can make speed up the process of getting more traffic from high rankings in the search engines and save you LOTS of time and effort.

Blog comments are one of the simplest ways to get backlinks to your sites, but doing it manually can be very time consuming, this auto backlinking system will speed up the whole process for you allowing you to grab thousands of backlinks on auto pilot.

The system will not only go out and harvest sites that you can get blog comments links from, it even comes with a massive list of sites ready to plug in and use straight away.

You get a list of 10,000 ‘auto approve’ sites mailed to you twice a week, up to 200,000 links in total! That’s a pretty amazing head start so you can hit the ground running with your new backlinks campaigns.

the biggest problem with getting backlinks is quite simply the time it takes to go out there and do the “work” (sorry to use that 4 letter word!)

there’s a simple solution to this, get someone else to do it all for you!

that’s what the pro’s do, including myself.

but then you face the problem of finding the right person and then the whole process of training them how, and then keeping an eye on their progress.

Not any more, this solves the whole kit and kaboodle for you: –

I’ve grabbed it for myself and will be moving my backlinking outsourcing to this asap! 🙂

Review of Neil Shearing’s Fast Traffic Blueprint

Neil Shearing has been making money online longer than any one I know, he sold his first ebook way back in 1997!

His new traffic blueprint is based on his own case study of how he pulled in well over 100,000 visitors to a brand new blog in it’s first year, all from free traffic!

The blueprint includes an easy to follow 63 page pdf along with 5 tutorial videos.

I’ve known and followed Neil’s stuff for almost a decade, so I know when he releases something new he’s done his research thoroughly and is sharing real results from stuff he does himself.

This basically means reading his report gave me an insight in to how he drives traffic to his sites and yes, whilst I knew a lot of the stuff in there, I was still able to pick up a couple excellent new tips that I will be using in my own business…

There are sources of traffic available that mean you never have to worry about getting your site ranked in Google, or constantly chase new backlinks to keep your rankings.

it’s not free, but if you know where to go it is DIRT cheap!

Media Traffic Meltdown is a brand new, one-of-a-kind ‘watch over the shoulder’ media buying video tutorial course that’s just been released by 3 very successful internet marketers – Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye & JP Schoeffel.

The videos are set out in easy to follow, step-by-step format, to make sure you can get the very most from every step of the course.

The first part is a walk through of exactly how (and where) to get your very first media traffic buying campaign up and running without any hiccups!

Free Website Backlinks

Want 812 free backlinks top your website?

This is only available for the next 24 hours…

Free traffic is always a cool thing, right?

and we all know that the more backlinks we have to our websites, the better our rankings will be in the search engine results, which will result in more free organic traffic…

So getting hold of a list of 812 places you can get a free backlinks from has gotta be good!

Well, there’s a new backlink building product being launched tomorrow by top internet marketer Alex Goad, and to get people serious about the launch he’s giving away some very cool stuff, including: –

~ 1. His personal “Link Database” of 812 places you can get backlinks from for free

This new Traffic Generation Software takes advantage of a “glitch” to pull in massive traffic, and what’s even better is you can get cash coming in within 48 hours…

In fact the guy behind this managed to make $4,191 in the first 7 days using this!

grab your copy here – Traffic Generation Software

H also used it to bring in $219,249 from Clickbank just last month, that’s a heck of a lot of cash in one month!

but here’s the thing, this guy almost chucked it all in just a few months ago…

yup, he’d got to that stage… he’d spent piles of his own cash on all sorts of different guides, courses and tactics and felt no closer to working out how to make a real online income.

Automated Traffic System & A REAL Bonus That You Can Use…

A good friend of mine, Jeff Dedrick, has just released the big daddy of all traffic generating systems, called Automated Traffic [and, yes, that is an affiliate link].

Now Jeff’s stuff is always super cool, so you’re probably going to get a bunch of people offering some sort of quickly cobbled together bonus for the system, so I decided I’d pull out the stops and offer a real bonus that’s has REAL value to you…

When you pick up a copy of Jeff’s Automated Traffic System through my link here’s the bonus I’ll give you ~>

I’ll personally build a blog for you!!!  ****OFFER CLOSED****

Now that’s a pretty serious bonus offer right..?

I’ve been making money with blogs for years now and I’m offering to put what I know to use for you…