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3 step blueprint for building profitable niche sites…

how would you like to be able to build simple niche sites that pull in $300 to $3,000 per month on ‘hangs free’ auto pilot..?

Quicklink: ~> Forever Affiliate

I know this kind of site work because I build them myself, I have a LOT (hundreds) of “Niche” websites (mostly WP blogs) that generate a very healthy, hands free income for me month after month.

I’ve always planned on doing my own “Niche Site Marketing” tutorial course, I just tend to be a bit lazy (easily done with all that passive income coming in), so I haven’t gotten around to doing one yet…

BUT a good mate of mine, Andrew Hansen, has done one that’s the best “A to Z”, step-by-step, nothing left out, niche website building course I’ve seen.

Auto Content Systems – How much content can you handle..?

you can pretty much boil down the elements of a succesful website to 4 things…

1. Choosing a Good Niche/Keywords

2. Good Content

3. Targeted Traffic

4. Effective Monetization

A system like NicheReaper covers for the very 1st one, but the 2nd one, ‘content’, can get people stuck in their tracks before they’ve even gotten started.

If you don’t have the time, ideas, or perhaps even feel you don’t have the ‘skill’ to write your own articles, then the standard solution is to get them written for you, which then means finding (and paying) a good article writer, right..?

not any more, check this out ~> AutoContentSystem

This is a brand new article automated content system that, as well as extensive training videos, includes: –

Amazon Auto Blog Plugin

Watch the video below to see just how quickly this Amazon auto posting plugin can deliver all the targeted content you need for your blog, complete with your associate id built in: –

The plugin can add as many auto posts as you want for any targeted keywords and categories for products in Amazon and schedule them for months and months ahead, making your niche blog hands free!

you can grab a copy of the plugin to use here: –

Amazon Auto Blog Plugin

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Parking a Domain or Site [For Profit]

I have to admit I have a bit of an addiction to buying domains, I own over 700 at present!

I have cut down over the last couple of years though, from several thousand in fact…

and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a few of them too.

you know how it goes: –

~ you get an idea for a product or niche..
~ then rush off and do the keyword research..
~ find a cool keyword based domain name..
~ register the domain..
~ and then never get around to setting up the site because you get sidetracked on something else!

sound familiar..? 🙂

well with this system you can get a site set up on these domains dead quick so they can start pulling in some cash to pay for themselves AT LEAST!

Can you really build a whole new Niche site in under a minute?

You can now! 🙂

Today  a seriously slick new auto site builder has been released. It’s been responsible for over 1million targeted visitors this year already, and this is the first time it’s ever been available to you and me…

This automated site building system is simply the “Mutt’s Nuts”!!! [imho]

Note: that may be a bit of a “Brit” phrase, but it basically means “seriously good”. 😉

it will build a whole site for you in under a minute, including: –

~> keyword research, which is then automatically updated on a regular basis

~> finding the content for you, again automatically keeping this fresh over time