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“Crazy Pete” has lost it again!

Crazy Pete’s SEO Tool

Pete’s letting a few more people get in on his badd ass “SEO” tool…

this thing can get you SHED LOADS of free visitors from the search engines without you having to know how all that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff works.

You just grab some articles and let this beast loose!

Best of all is it’s just $1 right now, so you can grab it, use it, and let the results speak for themselves!

This kick ass tool will even setup accounts at over 60 of the top social networking sites for you on auto pilot!!!

that’s something I usually pay $50+ for someone to do for me on Rentacoder or elance…

hmm, just a thought here, perhaps you could even make money by using this tool to offer that as a service…..


Site Research Tools

hope you’re having a fun/relaxing weekend! :grin:

it’s typically wet and windy here in the UK… :roll:

I’ve got a free video for you to watch: –

Site Flip Flopping

it’s about 30 mins long, and the sound quality isn’t great, but the method revealed is neat!

and here’s my extra tips for doing “Site Research“: –

the quickest and easiest way I know of to fins out what keywords are bringing traffic to a site just paste the site url in to this site: –

SEO Digger

and if you use firefox as your browser it can make life a lot quicker and easier for doing backlinks and other research on a site if you have the plugin installed.

you can see me making use of the plugin for site research on the video here: –

it seems the stomper boys really have lost the plot, as if giving away their DVD’s showing everything about how to get organic search engine traffic for free wasn’t a good enough deal, they’ve gone and added another $10,000 worth of bonuses…


they claim it’s their way of saying sorry for messing up the launch last week, I think they’re just showing off with how many top marketers they can squeeze serious gifts out of, but hey, who cares as long as we get the benefit right..?  🙂

To be fair, you should get this because of the DVD’s themselves, but all those bonuses do kinda make it a no brainer.


Free SEO DVD’s

Isn’t it fun when a big launch goes “pear shaped”!!!

you may have seen some emails promoting the launch of the new Stomper 2 SEO DVD’s yesterday, which was looking like being another one of those “big” noisy launches, and then it all went wrong…

they had to postpone the launch because they messed up their servers and stuff… lol!

The launch is now re-scheduled for 2pm EST (7pm GMT) today

I wasn’t going to mention it, as I hadn’t taken a look at it, but because of all the mess up I decided to go take a look, I’m glad I did…

Stomper 2

I’ve changed my mind about telling you about it simply because it’s way to good an offer to miss out on, I’ll be heading over and grabbing myself a copy as soon as it’s open.


Personal SEO Coaching

In a couple of days time, Lucid SEO will be closing the doors on the personalised, 1-to-1 coaching that comes as part of the Lucid SEO package.

Lucid SEO

The core Lucid SEO manual and videos will still be available for purchase, but the telephone consultation, panic room and website review facilities will no longer be offered to new members.

The Lucid SEO techniques are easy to follow, but nothing is guaranteed to help you make a success of your SEO and drive in thousands of visitors, than personalised consultation and feedback on YOUR website.

These will remain available, probably until Monday, 14th July, but it’s entirely possible that this could be closed this down early if it looks like they’re getting over-subscribed.

Marlon Sanders is one of those old school internet marketers who’s name inspires respect.

He’s been helping people to start making profits online for almost a decade now, his was one of the earliest info products I ever bought, and he’s still at it, what he doesn’t know about internet marketing probably isn’t worth knowing.

He has recently used his excellent reputation to get access to a report that was taken off the market well over a year ago.

The stuff in this report still works, the owner took it off the market simply because of health problems that made her unable to provide support for it.

She has used these tactics for years to get as much free traffic as she could handle for her site, and it’s still working even 18 months after she stopped doing it herself…



N.B. If you know nothing about SEO and are a Search Engine Optimization newbie you would be better off grabbing this free book SEO to start with: –

Free SEO Book

SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) was one of my first “passions” online, I started studying how to get free traffic to my sites by optimizing them for the search engines for over 7 years now, so I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

Last October I met a guy who I consider to be THE guy when it comes to understanding SEO.

SEO Club

Why is he so good?

easy, because he has a huge array of sites that he uses to actually track and test the real results for in the Seach Engines, so his advice is based on pure facts and cold hard evidence!

To do well in the search engines (and get High Pagerank) it’s all about getting more backlinks.

Google will try to make you believe that’s not what is “important” to rank well, but it’s actually what their ranking algorythm is based on, and it’s what works.

For the long standing proof just do a search on “click here” and you’ll see that is still 1st for this search term, it has been for years and that’s not going to change any time soon. is #1 for that term because there are simply so many thousands of links pointing to their site with the keyword “click here” as the anchor text (“anchor text” = the words used in the link itself).

It has nothing to do with the site/page being “optimized” for the term “click here”, in fact it doesn’t even appear on the page…

I’m just about to make a “tutorial” video to show you how stupidly simple the new auto content generation system that I mentioned yesterday is to use..

Auto Content Solution

it’s probably going to be the shortest “how to” video I’ve ever done, as this thing is just that ridiculously simple to use!

but I just heard from Latif (the guy behind the system) that there are only 31 places left at the discount price, so it’s going to double in price VERY SOON, so I had to rush this email out to make sure you don’t miss out..

Auto Content Solution

I’ll get the video posted on BlogTactics as soon as I can, but it will probably be after the price rise as it takes a while to get the video uploaded, processed and approved with the service I use, so apologies for the bad planning on my part!

whatever type of site you build you need fresh unique readable content, it’s what the search engines want, and the more you can add the more free traffic you can get, but..

Auto Content Solution

writing your own takes too much time if you have more than one or two sites..

paying other people to write it for you costs around $5 per article..

using private label articles means you need to spend time re-writing it to make it unique..

so how about a system that can create fresh, unique and readable content for you in just 3 seconds..?

Auto Content Solution

yup, it sounded impossible to me too, but it’s not!

go check this one out now..

Auto Content Solution