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New Google website traffic system for 2013

trafficreconAlright, as you know, the SEO world has been turned upside down for the past, roughly, 1.5 years, as Google implemented their Panda and Penguin updates.

*Note: TrafficRecon is under $10 right now…

Almost all of the known “blast” methods of ranking your site in Google not only stopped working, but actually hurt your rankings.

And we’re not talking about super spammy methods of getting sites ranked highly in Google. We’re talking about foundational strategies that have worked for a decade, without fail.

Anyway… The past 1.5 years have been full of all types of “new” SEO services that promise top rankings, but can’t back it up with their results.

Sure, some methods work fairly well, when combined with other methods, but overall, there was no longer that one “magic bullet” like there always had been in years past.


SEO in 2013

SEO in 2013

Search Engine optimization techniques don’t exactly stand still, Google does seem to enjoy keeping us all on our toes!

so here’s the latest, most up to date, SEO guide for 2013…

Quicklink: SEO2013

If you want to get your sites ranked for free targeted traffic from the search engines in 2013 then you need to make sure your ‘SEO’ know how is up to date.

This ‘Encyclopedia covers all aspects of SEO, giving you the big picture, including how to rank sites with the absolute minimum of backlinking using ‘on page” SEO.

There’s over 300 pages, covering 12 different ‘aspects’ of optimization, including checklists not only to help you get it all right, but also for you to use to evaluate how well a site is doing for each type of SEO.

NEW Backlink software SLAPS Google back…

The fastest and easiest way to get page 1 rankings and unlimited search engine traffic is with backlinks because Backlinks = Traffic.

This is the LAST backlink tool you’ll ever need…

Quicklink ~> Auto Backlinks

this automated backlinking software turns the tables on Google and lets you slap them back, because:

~ it finds high authority niche sites for you
~ it builds keyword-targeted backlinks
~ all backlinks are real and unique
~ it automates 95% of it for you

You’ll build unlimited backlinks to high authority sites focused in your niche, and they’ll be UNIQUE so Google and the search engines love them!

And it will only take you minutes instead of months…

check it our here: ~> Auto Backlinks


Auto Backlink System

Auto Backlink System For Free Web Traffic

there’s a simple “equation” with websites…

Backlinks = Traffic

The more backlinks you can get to your websites and posts, the higher they will rank in the search engine results and the more free traffic you will get.

BUT to get good quality targeted traffic you need keyword targeted backlinks on high quality aged domains, and this can take time…

not only to build up enough over time, but also your own valuable time in getting those links.

that’s where automation comes in!

I use a few different services to get all the traffic I want/need to my network of sites, as I have hundreds, but I’ve just dumped one in favor of a new one that’s more powerful AND simpler to use…

~> SEO Backlinks Service


NicheReaper Review

NicheReaper Review

Building successful niche sites is basically a process, if you know the steps you need to follow, and how to compelte each step it can be a fairly simple thing to do.

BUT it all depends on getting one thing right from the start – keyword research!

If you pick the wrong keywords then it probably won’t matter how good your process is, you will fail!

And before you even get to the stage of doing detailed keyword research you have to do a whole load of brainstorming to come up with ideas for good new keywords and niches to go after!

The whole process is long winded, fiddley and ultimatly turns in to a tedious “job” very quickly, usually resulting in people cutting corners at best, or not bothering at all…


Baclinks Beta Testers

As you should already know, the secret to attaining top Google rankings for the keywords you desire boils down to one simple thing – BACKLINKS!

of course, it’s only simple if you know how…

So how would you like to gain access to a membership where you’ll receive a TON of one way backlinks…

and all for FREE!

Calvin and his partner Jonathan are going to be launching their brand new link building network to the public in a few months time.

but because Calvin’s a mate of mine, he’s going to allow a few quick action takers from my subscriber list  to get in before anyone else does through a secret backdoor set up for me, and did I mention it’s free..?


1st Page In Google

wanna know how to dominate the first page of google for your chosen keywords?

Get Google 1st Page Results

this cutting edge new course is not launching until the end of this may, but I wanted to give you a heads up on it so you can lock in your place if it’s right for you.

I’ve gone through the whole system with Michael Green, the guy behind it, and can see not only how it works so well, but also why!

I’ve already been doing a lot of the stuff in Michael’s system to get some top results myself, but he ads some supercharged “tweaks” to make it easier AND more effective…

Michael only releases one or two products a year, and they always sell out because they’re that good. In fact the last one he took off the market before the official release date as he’d sold all the copies that he’d decided to let out there…


Get 1st Page on Google

$1 to Nail The 1st Page on Google, and I’ll pay!

Crazy Pete is back, and he’s back with a bang!

SEO Brute

His team of SEO coding monkeys have re-written his crazy SEO tool that dominates the first few pages of google results for people!

To be fair the re-write needed to be done as a few people were having problems getting it fully running on Windows Vista, it is now!

but Pete took the opportunity to add some VERY NEAT new features in as well, like the new DARE Feature.

which makes this the ONLY SEO product available that provides you Unique to Google Content to use, saving you a major hassle of preparing content to use!

and it’s perfectly readable, not some not spun gibberish…

all you do is enter your keyword…

Outsoucing Site Promotion

time v money, it’s one of the biggies for making m0n$y online.

you either have to spend time or money.

If you have no money to spend, then this post’s not going to be any interest to you, so keep browsing for something that is.

If you don’t have a website or blog then it’s also going to be no use to you, so again, keep browsing…

If you’re still here then I’ve got something that can make your life a lot easier!

SEO Services UK

One of the biggest problems with building an online empire with websites and blogs is finding the time to do all the promotion you need to to drive masses of traffic to your sites.

the solution is simple, outsource the work…


One Way Links

Getting One Way Links To Websites

Discover the quick and easy way to automate the process of getting hundreds of targeted one way back links to your websites : 10.47 mins

Here’s the link to check out the system: –

Get the One Way Backlinks System

This system isn’t free, but it’s one of the cheapest I’ve come across and offers amazing value for the number of links you can get, as well as the fact that you can uase it for up to 100 sites!

and there’s a built in system to get extra backlinks and social “Buzz” from social network sites as well. 🙂

Here’s the links for the extra resources that I mention in the video: –

This one you only need if you’re going to use it with blogs –