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Want to “double up” your profits?

I know they can be sooper irritating, but “One Time Offers” (aka OTO) will also make a massive difference to your bottom line online…

Using these much maligned “upsell” offers will, in my personal experience, usually more than double your profits from any promotion, so whilst they can be a bit irritating to people, if you really are running a business and want to maximize your profits, you should be using them where ever and when ever possible…

Now there’s a software system that makes the whole process of setting them up a LOT easier.

This simple to use system already includes over 400 products that you can use for your OTO’s.

You can pick from 15 different pre-made oto sales pages that have products already for sale on them.

What I Hate about Internet Marketing…

ok, this post may not be as “controversial” as that headline could be taken…

I’m talking about something that I simply hate doing myself, I do every thing I can to avoid it, and that usually involves me spending a pile of cash to get out of it…

I’m talking about writing “sales letters” or sales pages for products and services!

Unless you really enjoy spending hours messing about with different variations of words, phrases and stories, trying to get the very best combination to “evoke” just the right emotion…

AND following a template to get all the different elements that are supposed to be in there just in the right place, with just the right amount of white space in between, with the best words and phrases highlighted, bolded, CAPITALIZED, colored, and/or underlined

I have something a bit special here for you today, but you need to act fast to claim a massive discount!

John Thornhill has re-launched his eBook Membership website and it is jam-packed with all the latest technology to help you to succeed!

Your Own Ebay Ebook Store

So if eBay has taken it’s toll on your business with it’s new digital delivery rules, you really need to start thinking about selling your eBooks from your OWN website and just have yourself to answer to!

John’s new members area has a brand new eBook website uploaded, new installation video’s created and a whole bunch of new tools, tips and tutorials to get your eBook and eBay business thriving again.

If you are not quite sure what I mean, take a look at the video on this page and see exactly what I am talking about:

If you don’t have a sales page or squeeze page, then don’t bother reading this, it’s not going to be of any interest to you.

Virtual Sales Assisitant

If you do have a salespage or squeeze page then you should check out the “Virtal Sales Assistant” from Dave Guindon before it DOUBLES in price later tonight!!

This very neat script can easily increase your optins and sales by 20-40% with just a few minutes work to set it up.

you can see from the testimonials on the page that it’s already been getting real results for people using it: –

Virtual Sales Assisitant

I’ve just picked up a copy to use myself as I know it will pay for itself, in both more subscribers and more sales, in just a few days.

Increase your optins and salespage conversions..

OK, this one’s only going to be of interest to you if you have a product or optin/squeeze page of some sort, and if you do, you’re going to love it..

Check this out if you have any salespages or squeeze pages:

Floating Action Button

the real experts at testing and tracking, like Armond Morin, say that any sales letter can have a farhigher conversion rate by making sure that people get to see the “buy now!” button several times, not just once.

in fact I believe Armand actually recommends at least 12 times..

so how about a little bit of code that will make sure a visitor to your site can always see the “buy now” button wherever they are on the page..

Floating Action Button