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Having trouble creating content?

It can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks we all face, coming up with ideas and creating fresh new interesting content!

Being highly productive and creating as much content as you need doesn’t need to be difficult, like most things in business, you just need a [good] blueprint to follow…

If you are not producing new content and products to deliver to your marketplace, youโ€™re not going to find it difficult to make as much money as you want.

Basically, Content Creation = Products = Profits.

The more original and high quality the content you create and publish, the more you will earn, simple.

BUT without an effective system, which is the ‘norm’, you’re going to find it an ongoing struggle.

It’s probably the biggest reason for online marketers struggling to make a decent living.

Kindle Publishing

aka “My ex-wife is going to kill me…”

the short version – it’s all about “kindle”…

I grew up and lived in (until about 8 years ago) a small ‘town’ on the border of Wales and England called Hay-on-Wye.

it’s only got a population of around 2,000 people (and 9 pubs) but it’s fairly well known in the UK simply because it has so many 2nd hand book shops, in fact it has more bookshops per person (not inc. sheep) than any other town in the world (apparently).

it’s also the host of a big literature fesitival every year that attracts over 100,000 people for the 7-10 days it’s on, yup, that does make the town VERY busy, but it’s pretty geared up for tourists anyway because of all the bookshops.

Warrior Forum WSO

With the massive popularity of the Warrior Forum, with several thousand people online in there at any one time, there’s more than a “pretty penny” to be made from WSO’s (WarriorForum Special Offers), but discovering the exact process you need to follow to make sure they are a REAL success can take time, unless…

The shortcut ~>

You’ve probably read my opinion on WSO’s before [the blog post is here if you missed it:], but there is NO DENYING that there are real profits to be made from WSO’s, you just need to make sure YOU do them the right way…

A good friend (and drinking buddy) of mine, John Thornhill, has just released what is the most comprehensive Step By Step (Every base covered) course on profiting from the Warrior Special Offer forum I’ve EVER seen, and it’s probably the best ever released to date!

3 Day Information Product Publishing

No one really explains all the details? Is that what’s holding you back?

so everyone says you need your own product to make real money online, BUT they only ever teach you the “overview” of how to do it, missing out all the real, step-by-step detail, that would actually help you DO IT, right..?

well I’ve got a breath of fresh air for you today…

Kevin Riley’s illustrated Clockwork Recipe for publishing and selling a profitable “How To” guide in just 3 days…

and it does “what it says on the box”!

Quicklink: 3 Day Info Product Creation
*Note: Kevin’s a mate of mine so I managed to get a discount for you… ๐Ÿ™‚

Kevin’s guide is 135 pages long (!!!) and covers everything, in detail, in step-by-step format that is easy to follow, nothing missed out.

I found a kicking free info product creation video for you!

having your own info product will take your online business to the next level, but just how do you do it..?

here’s a free video that’s an hour long for you on exactly how to do it yourself: –

Creating Info Products

Note #1: the video is OVER an HOUR of pure content, so make sure you take a leak and grab a cup of tea or coffee before you start watching!!!

The was made by fellow ski bum’s Marc Horne & Hollis Carter, who have released several very successful info products over the last couple of years, so they know what they’re talking about, even though they look like a pair of drop out beach bum’s in this video…
Creating Info Products

I’m going to keep it real short and sharp today, as I’m busy packing ready to move house next week, at last!

first up, I’ve found a real quick and easy way of improving any squeee page or sales pages you have, BIG TIME!!

check it out here:

Scruffy Stuff

and second, check out this video showing proof of a simple step by step system that generates $146,202 in just four months!!!

it’s real easy to watch, go check it out NOW…

Niche Quake Proof

I’m off to pack more stuff, it’s amaing how much “clutter” you can gather in just 4 years (since I last moved)…

ever wondered how you can find hot new markets to make money from?

Sherlock Holmes

This video will show you a whole bunch of ways to find great new markets to create sites and products for in the real world.

take a look, I think you’ll find it fun as well as educational..

Sherlock Holmes

You’ll probably receive a LOT of emails today about a product From Keith Wellman called “Million Dollar March”.

I’m gonna tell you straight up that I can’t tell you much about it as I’ve not got a copy myself.

what I do know is that it’s a complete step by step guide to creating and launching your own product, and there’s some pretty powerful proof that it works..

you may remember a launch a few weeks ago for a set of SEO tutorial videos, called the SEO Code Breaker from Charles Kirkland.

This launch did VERY well for Charles, I know as I’ve spoken to him about it.

Well Charles was one of Keith’s “test subjects” for creating the course, so it “does what it says on the box”.

You’ll probably be getting emails from a few marketers today about Larry Dotson’s Secrets Sale.

The sales letter says that you’ll get 1,000 PLR (Private Label Rights) Strategies.

Secrets Sale

I must admit I thought it was a good deal as I assumed that meant 1,000 articles, which for $37 would be good value, it’s over 2 and a half years worth of blog content, but..

I’ve had a look at what you actually get and it turns out they’re not actually articles, each one is just a couple of sentances, so they’re far from “in depth” strategies, they’re more like tips, and fairly basic ones at that.

yup, that’s a pretty unusual headline isn’t it…

Well, Derek Gehl is launching a major service tomorrow, that includes not only how he lost $25,000, but how he also turned his business around to make real money, and how you can follow his exact blueprint.

but it’s only going to be available to people on his list!

I’ve just subscribed myself as I want in on this one, I REALLY recommend that you get on his list now so you can check it out tomorrow.

Derek’s done a quick video explaining more here, go have a look now, before he takes the video back down:

Derek Gehl Marketing Tips

His new “all-in-one” business creator that’s designed to help complete beginners launch a money-making business in ONLY SIX WEEKS will go live tomorrow at 10am (EST), but you need to be on hist private notification list to get in on it.