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I love PLR membership sites, but I’m a member of so many that the cost can quickly add up each month..

so I was pretty happy to find a new one from John Tan that has the whole lot in one site.

John’s site includes PLR articles, ebooks, graphics, software and videos, and all at a VERY affordable price.

Thanks to John’s new site I can cut down the number of PLR membership sites I subscribe to each monthand save a whole bundle of cash..

Complete Private Label Membership site

of course that doens’t mean anything if the content isn’t top quality, fortunatly John’s is.

in fact just one of the ebooks from his site made me enough to pay for my membership for over 8 months in just 24 hours.

check it out here:

I hope you had a fun AND relaxing holiday break!

I know I did, I even managed to not switch any of my computers on for three whole days!!!

the downside to that is I’m now catching up on my email, so if you’ve sent me a Q and not heard anything back yet, please bear with me…

Thanks for all the feedback that you sent on which cheap ebooks you’d like to see next, the results weren’t what I expected, but that’s why I asked.

The results were:

1st – List Building
2nd – CopyWriting
3rd – Public Domain
4th – Web 2.0 Traffic
5th – SEO
6th – Using Audio & Video
7th – More Article Marketing
8th – buying and selling web businesses

As the cheap ebook on article marketing I offered last week was so popular I’m going to do another one for you this weekend, but as I’ve got a few to choose from, I thought I’d see which you would like first.

So here’s a shortlist of subjects that I picked:

Public Domain
List Building
Web 2 Traffic
using audio and video
buying and selling web businesses
More Article Marketing

note: you may have noticed that I’ve not included any books on Blogging on the list, that’s because I’m going to put together a package of a bunch of blogging books for you in the next week or two anyway.

just shoot me an email to ask mattgand just put a number next to each one to say which order you’d like to see them in, I’ll get a new one done for you each week!

a fair part of my income online comes from Private Label Rights (PLR) products and a couple of months back I started working on a product to show you exactly how to use PLr ebooks and turn them in to your own products to make money.

well yesterday I discovered I’ve been beaten too it!!!

another fellow Brit, called John Thornhill, has just released a course on how to get a PLR product up and running and making you money in just seven days, and it’s pretty damned good!

guess I’ll have to shelve my product, especially as John’s done such a cracking job on this guide…

PLR Profit Guide

John’s course includes daily worksheets and checklists, templates for squeeze pages, OTO pages and downoad pages, along with tutorial videos on how to use them.

I met JP Schoeffel at the Brit Pack event and was happy to catch up with him for a few beers as I loved his “how to turn sites in to money” book.

We ended up having quite a few drinks and chatting for several hours, more about skiing than internet marketing, which is probably why he forgot to mention another one of his products that I reckon this is something you are going to love!

It was only when I got home and was sorting out the pile of business cards I’d gathered over the weekend that I spotted it on the back of his card!

I’ve been in touch with him for a chat about it and it turns out he didn’t mention it as it’s been closed to new members for the last few months, having sold out, but…

The 56 free ebooks, memberships, plr article packs, plr graphics, rebrandable reports etc. will be closed on Saturday, so go grab what you want before it’s all gone…

I grabbed almost 2 dozen reports, brandable ebook, plr articles & graphics packs for myself, so I’m positive that you’ll find quite a few things you want.

Greedy Giveaway

I’ve also been getting in to FaceBook recently, I figured I should check it out as it’s now like the 7th most popular site in the world, according to…

and I spotted that Dealdotcom have a facebook app which is pretty cool, you can grab a copy for your facebook profile here:


there are some pretty wicked deals to be picked up on dealdotcom, I’ve grabbed 3 or more myself already.

{!name} – LazyGitMarketing: Massive Giveaway…

How would you like to get your hands on 56 free ebooks, memberships, plr article packs, plr graphics, rebrandable reports etc. etc…?

Jason James has put together a huge Giveaway site covering a massive range of subjects from affiliate marketing, SEO and landing pages to Ebay, PLR articles and graphics/site headers.

check it out here:

Greedy Giveaway

Here’s a few of the one’s that caught my eye:

How I made over 2000 dollars in just 10 days using a ridiculously stupid technique I stole from my own affiliate

Internet marketing mastermind session with Mike Filsaime

How To Build A Niche Site Empire (Soren Knows his stuff)

121 PLR Header Graphics (always useful)

$300 Daily with Craigslist (I’m a Craigslist virgin, so this could be interesting)

Jeremy Burns has just released his fifth Private Label “Source Code Goldmine” offer and it’s another winner!

He is offering only 500 copies and 402 have already gone (one of which was me), so if you want to see what’s on offer you need to act now:

 Sourcecode Goldmine 5

I grabbed my own copy of this within minutes of seeing the offer as there’s several products on offer that I can use for my own business as well as rebrand and sell on.

This is simply the best Private Label Rights Offer I have seen, ever!

There is so much in this package it’s ridiculous!

Heck, it’s worth grabbing just to read it yourself, let alone have the rights to not only resell the books, but many of them you get master resale rights to, so you can put your own name to them and resell the resale rights!!!

In fact, I’ve already registered and started setting up four sites to use, it’s so good!

Grab your own copy and start building your own PLR empire today…

Well, Instant PLR Cash didn’t sell out in the first 24 hours, but it’s going to be close on 48 hours as there are now just a couple of dozen places left out of the 1,000 available.

If you’ve ever thought about doing anything with Private Label Rights, or if you have some PLR content that you’re not using, this is the QUICKEST way to turn it in to EASY CASH!

I’ve had a chance to look over the videos and they make it REAL SIMPLE to get up and running with the plr products that they provide, which is a step up on most PLR sites.

the software included is pretty useful to, especially the RSS stuff.

don’t miss out on this one if you’re into to PLR, and if you’re not, well, you probably SHOULD BE, it’s one of the SIMPLEST ways to make money online that I know of…