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WP Optins Software Resale Rights for you…

ever wanted your own top quality, high demand WP Plugin to sell..?

**Bonus details at bottom of email…

this is ‘Point-and-Click’ software that creates sales funnels in minutes…

WP Optins Elite is the ultimate WP plugin for making your sales funnels.

Here’s five ways you can profit from it right now…

1. You can start selling it from your website right now.

2. You can use WP Optins to sell WP Optins straight from your blog!

3. You can bundle the plugin with up to two other products

4. You can add it to your sales funnel as an upsell

5. You can include it in a membership site

Basically you’re getting a complete business in a box including:

73 NEW WordPress Tutorial Videos with full Private Label Rights… [7 days only]

I’ve just grabbed up the rights to 73 Brand New WP Tutorial videos (640×360 & 1280×720 formats in MP4) with Videos transcripts…

What does the package include..?

You get: –

~ Pro sales page with animated Sales Video

~ Sales page, ecover and video graphics

~ Videos are “White Label” and easy to rebrand

~ Foreign Language Translation rights included

basically everything you need to turn these in to your own offers…

**Note: these will only be available for 7 days.

I’m not going to list all 70+ videos, you can check out the full list on the site, but here’s the 7 “Modules” that you get: –

Module #1: 13 Business & WordPress Basics Videos

Grab PLR rights to 60 “IM How To” turorial videos…

This is a pretty fantastic deal, you can grab the full Private Label rights to 60 great internet marketing “How To” videos, that’s 7 hours of content, for under $10…

AND you get the sales page for them, so you can get the whole lot up and selling quick & easy!

here’s the list of video topics: –

How to use Private Label Rights Ebooks

Some people love PLR and others just don’t seem to “get it”…

Personally I love it, but then I’ve used PLR to make a lot of money over the years, you’ve just gotta know how to do it, although there are a whole host of ways you can do it.

To help you out I’ve got hold of a free report for you called “25 Ways To Reuse PLR Content”, it’s 37 pages long and has some great info in it.

here’s where you can grab it [no optin required, direct links]: –

zip download – 25 Ways To Reuse Private Label Rights Ebooks download
open the pdf & read online – 25 Ways To Reuse Private Label Rights Ebooks pdf

and here’s a bit of an idea of the stuff it covers: –

Resale Rights Software – The Quick Way to Selling Software Online

There’s many different ways that it’s possible to build a successful online business, but one of the most powerful, and potentially most profitable, is selling your own software.

Software is generally perceived as a high value product (or service), usually because it either solves a problem for the customer, or saves them time, or both, so the benefits of the right software tool to a customer is likely to outweigh the cost many, many times over.

It’s for this very reason that software is often easier to sell than other digital or information products.

The downside is the development costs involved…

That’s where good old “Resale Rights” products come in!

one of the “secrets” of making it easy to make a real living online is to use other people’s products.

the problem is there is a huge amonth of “PLR” and Resale Rights tuff out there that is just old stuff re-hashed, or you don’t actually get REAL “Private Label” Rights, or it just plan sucks!

so here’s my “SECRET” source of the best PLR products around!

Get Your Brand New Blog, Twitter and CPA PLR

they’re brand new!

they’re limited numbers available!

and they are so good you will want to use many of them your self anyway!!!

the pack includes: –


I was planning on telling you about these videos a couple of days ago, and now’s there’s less than 25% left, so I apologise!

PLR Videos

there’s over 50 videos in total and you get the rights to use them all as your own products to sell to others, they comewith full PLR rights.

although you’ll probably want to watch a lot of the videos yourself…

They include: –

  1. How to become a Celebrity Blogger
  2. Creating Web 2.0 Graphics Using Gimp
  3. Outsourcing Your Traffic Production
  4. Selling on eBay
  5. Using Freelance Sites
  6. Using Adobe Photoshop for Newbies
  7. Pro Online Copywriting
  8. Responsive email Marketing

and the price?

just $97 for the whole lot…

PLR Videos

There’s just 11 hours and 16 minutes left until the world’s number 1 PLR Article site closes it’s doors for at least 3 months…

I’ve been a member of this site since it launched over 2 years ago.

That membership has paid for itself over and over again.

In just 11hours and 16 mins they will be closing the doors.

They will open them again in three months or so, but when they do the price will be over twice as much!!

Grab your place now and you’ll not only lock in your place at the cheap price, you’ll also get access to all the kick ass new tools they’re going to add when they reopen later this year: –

PLR Articles

what’s being added while they’re closed?

The new site will offer 3 seperate sections: –

Jeremy Burns has been producing some of the very best resale products around for several years now, I’ve used many of them to build my own business…

Now it’s your turn to grab a slice of the action, check out Jeremy’s 6th offering from hiw Source Code Gold Mine offer: –

Source Code Goldmine 6

My favorite is the web 2 site building tool, you could easily use this to make yourself a huge pile of cash very quickly by combining it with some of the tactics from Alex Goald’s report I mentioned in my last email: –

4 Tier Anihilation Method

hint: think “flipping”!!!

I just bought this, and I think you should too..

I wanted to let you know about this, even though it’s almost midnight on a friday night here in the UK, and I really should be sat with my feet up in front of the TV and a glass of wine..

becuase this is just too good an offer to miss out on, I picked up a copy for myself as soon as I saw it: –

750 Traffic Tactics

what is it?

It’s Private Label Rights (PLR) for 750 traffic tactics to get more visitors to your websites and blogs.

750 Traffic Tactics

The information in it is worth far more than the cost just to read yourself, but it’s the PLR bit that makes this a real “no brainer” deal and here’s why…