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N.B. My special bonus offer is at the bottom of this post, but I’ve also made a post here – Affiliate Payload Bonus Offers – with 3 other bonus offers from other marketers, just in case mine isn’t what you’re looking for…

ok, so the report is finished, but I’ve not finished reading mine, and I’ve been at it a few hours, so even though I’m only up to the media buying section I thought I’d better send you my impression so far…

you probably realise the simple fact that I’m rwading it in detail (and taking lots of notes) instead of just skimming through it is a good sign, right?

absolutely right! 🙂

There’s a whole bunch of stuff being launched today, none of which I’ve tried, so I wasn’t planning on sending you an email today, especially as my parents are visiting!

I wasn’t even planning on buying this one myself, but..

Affiliate Conspiracy

well, my folks headed home early (I’d cleaned up before they came, so after lunch mum didn’t have any “tidying” up she could do, she can’t just sit and talk) so I was scanning through all of today’s promo emails and something in one of them caught my eye.

here’s the deal, it’s yet another product about Adwords PPC and clickbank, it seems like there’s a never ending supply of them, but this does have a real difference, or three…

1st – it’s from Eric Rockefeller, who is truly an expert at PPC and Clickbank

I’ve just finished reading a free 25 page report that opened my eyes to something REALLY important about how AdWords REALLY works!

Even if you’re not a fan of AdWords you should read this report, it shows how “Mr. X” has made $1.2 million and built a list of over 40 thousand BUYERS in just nine months!!!

This report made something just click in my head and as soon as I click publish on this post I’m going to be changing a couple of my long standing AdWords campaigns to fit with this.

and I can’t wait to see the results…

No doubt if you’ve tried AdWords out for yourself you’ve had at least one campaign that bombed and ended up costing you money, me too.

This report showed me exactly where I’ve gone wrong on those campaigns, as well as how I can make my succesful one’s even more profitable.

Do you work with AdWords or AdSense?

AdWords => AdWords Profits
AdSense => AdSense Secrets

probably both right?

yeah, me too.

I’ve made well in to 6 figures US$ with Google AdSense ads on my sites and blogs and along the way I’ve learnt from the best to make this passive income as high as possible!

Well, the best just got better, as today Joel Comm has released version 4 of his AdSense Secrets book: –

AdSense Secrets

Now Joel has charged $97 for this in the past and it sold like hot cakes as it really is worth it, but today he’s offering this new updated version for under $10…

yup, just $9.95 for 222 pages of the very latest AdSense money making info!

AdSense Secrets

so that’s adsense sorted, what about AdWords?

[note about “Players With Money” at bottom of post]

I’m going to keep this real quick as I’ve gotta go pick up a mate from the traing station and he’ll probably “drag” me out for a quick pint..

Speed PPC V3

If you’re not interested in AdWords or MSN PPC then this might not be for you, although I’d recommend taking a look before you decide, as this tool might just change your mind about using PPC, it’s that good!

If you do anything at all with PPC, or want to, then you need to check this out, it rocks!

Speed PPC V3

here’s a couple of snippets from the MANY testimonials fro existing users:

Increased Clicks = 54%
Increased Impressions = 27.8
Increased Click Through Rate = 21%

“322 Ad Groups…under 10 Minutes”

you may have noticed that I don’t often mention adwords or products about adwords, there’s a reason for this…

I do use adwords campigns myself, both for my own products and as an affiliate to promote other people’s products, but most of the guides on how to become an adwords affiliate marketer and make real money using adwords campaigns are long on hype and short on actual real details and simple instructions on how to do it right.

if you get it wrong with adwords it can get expensive real quick!

just over a week ago a friend (who knows I’m not a fan of adwords books) got in touch with me about a new produc that’s coming out. He knows I’m a sceptic, but insisted that I take a look at this one.

You’ve probably heard of Chris McNeeney, he’s the guy behind Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer.
You should also have heard of Eric Rockefeller, he released Undercover Affiliate a while back.

Well, they’ve got together to create a product to show how they earn tens of thousands of dollars as affiliate marketers, and how you can do the same.

They’re releasing the product tomorrow, so get ready for your in box to be swamped with emails about this one, and knowing their usual promotions, the price will go up fairly quickly, so if you want to get an inside track on this one, go and sign up for the priority release bulletin here:

Affiliate Rockstars

I’ve just got hold of a pre-release copy and I’ll have a read through first thing tomorrow so I can let you know what I think of it before it goes live.

As the last post was so long (sorry!) I’ll keep this one as short as possible…

I’ve gotta keep it quick anyway, as the neighbours keep popping around as they found out I’d got a stash of bottled drinking water in the garage and there’s none to be had in the shops since the floods took out the local water pumping station and we all ran out of tap water.

I should probably be setting up a stall outside selling it, but between my neighbours and me, we’re getting thorugh it a bit too quick.

Summary: Super Quick PPC : only of interest for adwords users, not a “newbie” tool

Even Dave Moore, who never recommends anything outside of his own SuperApprentice ( program, is HOT on this one, and he just happens to have tested it out, which is cool, as I’ve not had chance to do a full test yet…

You’ve probably realised by now that I buy a lot of reports, ebooks and other stuff about making money with websites and affiliate marketing, including both AdSense and AdWords.

Well last week I came across one promising to show how you could get all the Google AdWords clicks you want for fr.e.e!

The sales letter is real slick and I just had to see what it was about.

Having now read it, I have to say the sales letter is a little

missleading and to be frank my first reaction was that I would be asking for a refund on it.


It doesn’t show how to get AdWords for fr.e.e, it shows how to offset the cost of your AdWords, which is a different thing entirely (although the end result can be the same) and it involves a fairly significant “leap of faith” (aka capital investment & risk taking).