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I want to show you two sites today, bear with me, they are related and there’s a wicked opportunity here…

The first is here (but don’t sign up!): –

Internet Business Training Programs

Why don’t I want you to sign up for it?

well, it’s a pretty cool site, offering a massive amount of top notch training material from some of the worlds best online marketers, and you’re probably keen to get your hands on your own copy, but…

how about having your own private label copy of the site that you can use to build up a residual recurring income..?

yeah, I thought you might like that, I did too. 🙂

so here’s the thing, for the next 7 days only, Terry is offering a limited number of “PLR” (private label rights) copies of this site!

John Thornhill is a top internet marketer and ebay power seller.

His Mentoring program is just $10 a month, or less if you sign up for a few months in one go…

That’s a ridiculously cheap mentorship program from such an expert!

check it out now…

John Thornhill Mentoring

[wow, that’s a short post, must be nice and sunny outside,  the kinda whether that makes you just wanna go out for a cycle ride or something…]

I think Mike’s losing his marbles!

you can see why here:


I’ve been a member of Mike’s Job Crusher site since it opened and I’ve learnt a whole bunch of excellent stuff for my business, the training in here is just TOP CLASS, as you’r expect from Mike!

it’s not been open to new members for the last few months, but it is right now and you can check it out for just $1!!!

Go take a look now before he comes to his senses: –


and if you’ve not watched the video I told you about a couple of days ago yet, it’s coming down at midnight, so check it out before then, or you’ll be too late: –

Secret VIP Video

One of my business partners, Rich Daniels (who also happens to be a good mate), has just opened a new membership site and I’ve been having a bit of a nose around inside over the last few days to check it out.

I was expecting it to be good, as Rich always likes to “over deliver”, but I was a bit surprised at just how much he’s already put in there and how much more he is planning on adding over the coming months.

We’ve seen a bunch of membership sites released recently by some “big names” in internet marketing, and, apart from Ewen Chia’s, they’ve tended to turn out to be a bit disappointing.

Rich’s site ALREADY has MORE VALUE in it than most of these others have added in the last couple of months!

I forgot to mention something about the $4k per month mentoring program I told you about yesterday, Mike Filsaime has joined Eric Louviere to partner with him in the program.

Mike thinks this coaching program is so good he’s closing his own (much higher priced) coaching program so he can work with Eric on this…

the price is still an absolute bargain at the introductory offer, although it’s going to go up by $100 soon, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, why the heck not???

Click here before the price goes up:

Learn from Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime has been running his own high priced coaching club for a long while now, but he’s closing it down so that he can work with Eric Louviere on his $4k per month coaching program because he believes it’s that good…

This coaching program is going to go up in price by $100 a month any moment (from the bargain price of just $67) , so go take a look at how you could be on you rway to $4,000 a month learning from two internet masters…

$4k per month program