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one of my switched on readers sent me an email yesterday (thanks Lyn) with an interesting point about how many marketers are probably losing quite a few potential sales un-necessarily.

It’s a well know marketing statistic that the more often a potential customer sees your offer, the more likely they are to buy, apparently the magic figure is 7 times, although I’ve no idea who did the study.

anyway, Lyn was saying that she sometimes ends up back on a squeeze page that she’s visited before and when she then fills in her email address to get access to the free report or sales etc, if she’s already been there before then she gets a message from the autoresponder, if it’s aweber, saying she’s already signed up..

now the obvious solution is to use a different email address, but then you end up receiving multiple emails from the marketer, which is irritating.

We all know how important it is to build a list of subscribers for our online business right?

but how can we get more people to optin?

here’s an excellent way to increase your optin rate…

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free affiliate marketing resources

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the header picture, it’s me paragliding in to Butterfly Bay in Olu Deniz, Turkey, for my birthday a couple of years ago, and yes that is my foot.. 🙂

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sometimes things just fall in to place as if they were meant to be, today seems to have been one of those days…

There’s two parts to this email:

a. Where to get LOTS of CHEAP traffic
b. How to build that in to a Highly Profitable & Viral List


a. Getting the traffic CHEAP…

I mentioned yesterday that someone had asked me to check out a couple of new reports, I didn’t get past the first one, I got too damned excited!

this report is about a “new” way to get an absolute mountain of qualified leads straight to your website, offer or squeeze page, and dont worry if you don’t have a website, offer or squeeze page yet, I’ll cover that in a moment, but first I’ve got a couple of things I need to say about this new report:

there’s another giveaway on!

You can grab more than 77 new “work at home” products for free right now, go check them out here:

117 Work at home Gifts

OK, I’ve got another tip for you today, and it’s to do with using your autoresponder again, whether it’s AWeber or another one…

When someone subscribes to your newsletter the optin confirmation page is an ideal place to let your new subscriber know about a product of yours or a related affiliate product.

This is often called an “OTO” or 1 time offer as they will only see it once, the important bit is that you’ve got the chance to promote a product that is related to the subject of the list/newsletter that they have just signed up for.

I was lucky enough last weekend to have the chance to throw back a few pints of the old black stuff (Guinness) with a guy called Soren Jordansen, who turns out to be a pretty sharp marketer and he shared something with me that I’d missed…

I’ve got a couple of things to cover today, starting with an apology for not sending out the first of the “nuggets” I promised yesterday, it’s taken me longer to catch up on my backlog of email than I expected…

OK, first up there’s something new out today from one of my favorite membership sites, in fact if you got my bonus report for Neil Shearing’s Passive Cashflow Secrets you’ll recognize it as one of my top 10 sites.

so what’ve they released that’s got my attention?

I’ve been using a site building tool for a few years now that has never really had any competition for building content and affiliate sites, called XSitePro (XSP), and I’ve recommended it solidly since it was launched.

well, XSP now has some VERY SERIOUS competition!

It’s called SiteRubix and you can check it out here: