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Smart Passive ListBuilding

popupsumoGetting visitors to your web site is hard enough.

If they come at all they very often leave empty handed.

But did you know you can use site engagement and customer acquistion tools and change that forever?

And there’s a very good reason why their popularity with bloggers and webmasters has skyrocketed over the past few years.

You see, the longer a visitor stays on your site, the bigger the returns you’ll get!

It’s proven and it’s pretty simple to do too, if you know how, you just need the right tools…

And that’s exactly the reason why companies are always looking to pay huge bucks per lead, at time as much as $200 a pop.

Lead Capture Page Building System

Squeeze Pages are one of those things that you know you need, but they really can be so darned fiddley to create, right..?

this won’t be the first time you’ve heard this, nor will it be the last…

Having a ‘list’ is a major bit of any online business, right?

BUT making those darned squeezey pages is fiddley and bit of a pain!

Having a list puts you in control, you don’t have to rely on free traffic from Google or the other search engines, or play around with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon etc.

It’s all yours and you can get in touch with your prospects whenever you want.

Having your own list brings real power (and profits) to your business.

You’ve seen those cool optin forms and banners that slide in to the page on some blogs, right..?

Quick Link [inc. Demo Video]  ~>

How would you like an unlimited domain use licence to the brand new “SlideIn” blog optin blugin “”..?

This plugin does a whole bunch of cool stuff and there’s an insider “Demo” video so you can check out exactly how the plugin works and all the neat stuff it can do…

you can set up the slide ins to appear after a delay, or staright away.

you can decide whether the appear at the top or the bottom of the page, and which direction the slide in, as well as how fast.

you can even set up slideins to only appear for a certain “period” of time, e.g. a date range, for instance for a specific “campaign”.

Here’s A Problem YOU NEED In Your Business…

I know it’s usually wise to avoid problems at all costs (especially when business is involved) but this is one of those problems you really, really want to attract in your online business:

It’s the problem of having TOO many loyal, active and paying subscribers!

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

But if you’ve got a constant ton of traffic pouring into your website(s) on a daily basis, ordering products, signing up to your mailing lists etc then it can get a bit much to keep up with.

And my friend (and highly respected marketer) Ray Johnson is “suffering” from this very symptom.

BUT, Ray likes these symptoms…

Allow me to explain…

Despite the minor headache of having too many “cash spending” subscribers, he’s actually put together a complete FREE system that will let you do exactly the same.

I’ve just finish going through Jaz Lai’s book and I finally realized that It’s not a secret anymore…

In order for you to make BIG monthly income from your home business, you need to have your own opt-in list of fresh prospects quick.

Basically the more prospects you have, the better the chances of making more money.

That’s the way to do it in 2009 and beyond…

Instead of telling you how it’s done in this email, I asked him if I could send a copy to my list and he kindly agreed.

But he is only giving away 29 copies of these powerful books so hurry before they are gone…

Yesterday I made a post about how important I believe it is for you to take a look at the new course from Michael Rasmussen (Build a Buyers List), and I even offered a bonus copy of my report, worth $97, for free…

Today I want to cover a couple of questions that I’ve had about the course: –

Q #1 – Is this just the same old list building stuff again, or is there actually something new in here..?

You won’t find ANY traditional (i.e. the stuff we all already know) list building techniques in this course.
Why? Because it’s focused on building a list of BUYERS, which is a far higher value list, not just subscribers who’ve signed up for some free offer and may not even have a credit card or PayPal account…

in order to become a real player in IM circles, you’ve got to have a list. And the bigger your list the more money-pulling power you have…

It used to be tedious to build a list, because there are a lot of small steps that could potentially trip you up…

But, Chris Freville has solved all that with the Automated List Builder.

Auto List Building System

The system comes complete with all the latest gadget scripts for sky-rocketing your opt-ins…

10 quick-loading step-by-step video modules, each packed with solid gold tips and tactics for building a hands-free list faster than has ever been possible…

simple guidelines for forming rock-solid relationships with your list members…

even a companion manual and visual mind map detailing every single step for putting your building your list totally on autopilot.

As the Free HTML guide I offered on Sunday has been so popular, with over 385 downloads so far, I realised how important it is to have your own high quality report to giveaway to help build a newsletter subscriber list..

I decided that I could offer a few lucky people the same thing and it’s taken me the last 3 days to get 5 of these sites set up, complete with custom header graphics, branded pdf report, squeeze page and thankyou/download page.

I’ve added hosting and 180 pre-written auto responder messages that you can plug in to your new list instantly, along with tutorial videos on exactly how to set up your new lists and add the optin form to the webpages..

There’s only 5 domains/sites up for grabs, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to grab one for your self…

How would you like to get 17,142 new subscribers on your list in under 11 weeks..?

A couple of weeks ago Jonathon Leger took his SEO Myths Exposed Report off the market, so you can’t get hold of it anymore..

but I’ve managed to find you a recording of a private coaching call he did answering questions about how to get top search engine results in Google!

You can listen online or grab the MP3 for free here: –

SEO Myths Private Call

So what’s that got to do with building an optin list of over 17 thousand people in 10 and a half weeks?

This where I got Jon’s Private Coaching call, and it’s not the only set of interviews and brandable pdf ebooks that you can get access to that will let you build your list the same way, using the power of Viral Marketing!

I’ve just added a new ebook to my Cheap Internet Marketing ebooks page, and as it’s the 13th, I thought I’d better make it free, for a little while at least, so for the next 24 hours you can grab your own copy of the simple html website guidewithout having to even give your name or email, just go to the sales page and click on the download link..

This guide will not only help you get up and running with your own sales pages, it gives links to a great free html editer, ftp software and tutorial video on how to use ftp, as well as links to the tutorial video on how to add a PayPal payment button, so you can be and and runnning with your own sales page in just a few hours…