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500 Free Niche Articles

want to grab 500 PLR articles, ready to start using..?

Quicklink: ~> 500 Niche Articles

You’ll get 20-25 articles per niche – and each niche is in a hot, in demand, evergreen topic. That means there will always be a need for information in most of these topics.

The articles are written by professional English speaking writers.

Each article is between 400 – 500 words in length.

AND each set of niche articles comes with a header graphic that you can use on your sites or blogs.

You will also get the PSD files for each header, so you can easily edit the header to fit your needs.

In addition, you will get a header with no text on it, so if you don’t have PhotoShop you can easily add your text using any graphics editor.

Want a free website every month..?

A couple of mates of mine have put together a really cool offer of a free website every month…

~> Get Your Free Monthly Web Sites Here

now I know you probably here the “my mates” line in emails from loads of people, but just to show you I really mean it when I say it, here’s a photo of me out drinking with Dave & John, and a couple of other marketing mates, just a couple of weeks ago: –

these guys really are drinking buddies of mine, AND they really have put together a great offer for you…

and yup, the guys really are giving websites away every month!

here’s a taster of what you get: –

~ Choose your own contact details and add the form to your website.

today I’ve got a free site profits blueprint (pdf report) for you…

getting a website up and running, keeping the content fresh, and driving enough traffic to it to make some money can be kinda a lot to get to grips with right?

so having a better understanding of which bits work, and why, as well as a blueprint to follow might be useful, yes?

well today you can grab one for Zero cost right here: –

Free Website Traffic Blueprint

the report is from my friend JP, he’s the one on the right in this pic of a few of us out for dinner in London this summer: –

JP’s known as a big traffic guy, he knows how to pull in tens of thousands of unique visitors every day to any of his niche websites, and he has LOTS of them!

I’ve got a special gift for you today that I know you’re going to love if you’ve ever struggled with getting traffic to your websites, blogs, or even affiliate links.

If you’ve ever tried to build a business online, then getting free targeted traffic is probably one of your biggest problems.

Well … not any more 🙂

I’ve been talking to my good friend Richard Legg recently got together with marketing legend Willie Crawford and shared some of their best secrets for getting all the free traffic you will ever need.

(Quite often Richard can take a brand new site and put it on page #1 in less than 24 hours – and I’ve seen him do it many times myself.)

This is an incredible audio interview (and pdf transcript for those of you that like to read) that *normally* I would tell you to run out and buy.

Awesome Free Motivational Video From Tony Robbins, Frank Kern & John Reese

“This video freaked with my mind, and spun me around, literally!”

I get so many emails every day from pretty much every marketer on the planet it seems, I guess you’re probably the same.

some days it can take an hour or more just to work out which ones to delete and which I want to take a look at, but that’s just part of my job as your “crap filter”, finding the best bits to check out, and junking the rest… 🙂

anyway, it was actually a friend who sent me this video link and told me I should watch it, that was a few weeks ago and I only got around to watching it last night, but WOW!!!! what a video!!!

I’m goping to keep this post real short and sweet…

My friend Oliver has come up with a killer course that uses all free resources to:

  • get a domain name
  • get hosting
  • get a squeeze page up
  • get a sales page up for a resale rights product
  • get a blog up
  • and much much more..

You can do all this for less than a measly 10 cents.

Find out more NOW by clicking this link: –

Making Your First Dollar Online

and once you’re up and running you post your first website you made with this system here for all to see!

three quick updates/reminders for you today…

first up I’ll be taking down the free blogging reports and squeeze page templates that you can giveaway for free to build your list with giveaways shortly, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, please go do so now!

the link for your free gifts is at the bottom of the blog post here: –

there’s also some giveaway event details on that page for you to sign up for and check out.


2nd up, the awesome PLR offer from Jeremy Burns is almost sold out, I’ve grabbed my copy, have you got yours yet?

here’s the coupon code you can use for 50% off – FASTACTION97OFF

Source Code Goldmine v8

there are 10 products up for grabs, including: –

the pack includes: –

I’ve got a tip top freebie for you today!

some “fr.e.e.bies” are way better than others, this is one of those…

this has been a top selling product for quite some time, and has sold over $307,104.89 worth, and now it’s just been improved!

it’s also from a fellow brit marketer who I have a huge amount of respect for, he’s been at this since 1997, so what he doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing, and this is a tool that he developed for his own use, so you know it’s gotta be good!

what is it?

it’s a “spider”, but a very cool kind of spider, you need to go take a look to see what this thing can do for you: –

Internet Success Spider

I’m going to keep this real simple, there’s a new product that was launched earlier this week that is so good, I’ve got to offer the best bonus I can to MAKE SURE you take a serious look at it.

the first 50 people to grab a copy using the link above can get a copy of my course, worth $97!!!

just grab your copy right now and contact me with the receipt details!

Lazy Git Marketing For Free

p.s. this is not a recurring monthly thing, it’s a simple one off cost, although there is an “upsell” which I bought as well as it’s well worth it.

I’m making this quick post to let you know that list building mastermind, Steven Johnson, is giving away to of his most profitable secrets for free…

Click Here To Download Your Free List Building Report

Here’s the deal…

He is only giving away 100 copies of these powerful reports so hurry before they are gone…

Remember, this guy is only 20 years old and he is already making 5 figures a month so he really knows what he is talking about…

Click Here To Download Your Free List Building Report

Don’t miss out!

Have a Great Weekend 🙂