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earlier this week I was asked by a subscriber what I would do if I had to start again from scratch, and what was the one tool I would use.

this is a question that after making money online for 9 years I can answer very easily.

I’d start with blogging, not just one, but a bunch of niche blogs.

Blogs are simply the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to build up a significant amount of traffic, that you can then turn in to buyers and subscribers.

of course in the past I’ve had to build all those blogs manually, now you don’t have to, as the one tool I would grab immediately if I was starting again from scratch would be this one: –


you no longer have to do any of the hard work, this system will do it ALL for you!

a few weeks ago Niche Blogging expert Andrew Hansen was over here in the UK and I managed to catch up with him for a chat over a few pints of the black stuff (Guinness for the un-initiated), here’s us in the pub: –

Me, Andrew and Mike

that’s me (Guinness in hand) on the left, with Andrew in the middle and Adense SEO expert Mike Spencer on the right.

So who was holding the camera and taking the pics for us?

well, Andrew’s girlfriend, Elysia, volunteered for the job, here she is in a pic I took: –

Elysia, Andrew & Mike

so why am I telling you this?

well Elysia is also a top Niche Blogger, making a living from her blogs, but she’s now put together such a good team to work on her own blogs for her, she’s offering to let you get access to her team!!!


Free Traffic Tips

this isn’t a promo post, there’s not affiliate link, just my quick recommendation to take 5 minutes to check out an excellent blog post from Reed Floren on his blog at

Reed’s post covers 7 simple, but highly effective methods for getting traffic and is well worth the few minutes it takes to read.

While you’re on the blog I’d recommend taking a moment to check out some of Reed’s other posts

AND sign up for his free newsletter to get his own personal success secrets, you may not realize it, but Reed is known as one of the world’s top Joint Venture Marketers, so he’s someone I’ve been following for some time now, to my benefit, and I really do recommend you do the same…

have a great weekend!

please AVOID reading this post if you’re NOT interested to own a ready-made custom blog tailored to your specific needs..

I’m talking about a professional looking WordPress (WP) Blog which attracts traffic, gets visitors and finally makes real money while you spend more time with your spouse, family, friends, kids, dog, cat etc…

This is a special, very time limited offer from my good friend Codrut Turcanu at so read on as I let him explain the offer in detail…

On the otherhand, if you’re feeling too lazy to read, then you can watch a short video (just over 10 mins) that shows the same offer instead: –

Blog Building Offer Video

N.B he even shows 3 LIVE examples of blogs he created for other clients!

I’ll hand over to Codrut –>

OK, so first up my apologies, this email was supposed to be sent out yesterday and I’ve only just discovered that it didn’t go for some reason!

So to keep this as quick as possible, I wanted to let you know that there is a 50% discount offer available on all cool software tools available from the Mass Automation Team, including one of my favorite blog automation tools.

It’s called AutoSocialPoster and it can automatically bookmark your blog posts (randomly, to appear “real”) on 34 of the best web 2.0 social bookmarking sites, to get a whole bunch of backlinks and traffic to your blogs for free.

You can check out ASP here:

and the coupon code for 50% off until midnight is: 24hpromo

Just a quickie today, I’ve just got my latest plugin back from my coder, it let’s you activate or de-activate multiple plugins in one go, so it’s a massive time saver when you’re setting up a new blog!

you can see the video of it in action and discover how to grab a free copy for your self on the latest BlogTactics Post here:

WordPress Blog Plugin Activation

have a good weekend!

Just a quick update today to let you know that there are some new tutorial videos posted on

I’ve just posted 3 videos that show how to find the best datafeeds on, convert the datafeeds and then import them and set up the cron job for for automated posting to your blogs with the 10DaysCash plugin, you can view them here:

and there’s also the (very short) video showing just how simple it is to create fresh new conent in just seconds with the Auto Content Generator tool I mentioned last week:

there’s also two new videos for using email brtoadcasts and automated email follow ups on AWeber:



There’s also some new blogging tutorial videos going up on BlogTactics over the next few days, the first couple are already posted:

1. Adding the RealTraffic Exchange Ads to your blog for free targeted visitors

2. Using SEO Friendly Permalink structures in your wordpress blogs for better search engine rankings and the Mod rewrite fix for .htaccess

3. Using “no www” url’s and why you should do this for higher pagerank and better search engine ranks

4. Creating PayPal “Buy Now” payment buttons to add to Private Label products to sell from your site for 100% profits

5. Submitting Blogs to Blog Carnivals for backlinks and free traffic..

If you’ve picked up a copy of TBS then here’s two of the biggest tips I can give you for getting the most from it:

1. Do some keyword research first to make sure you are targetting good keywords, go for long tail keywords (3-4 words & less competition) to start off with at least, as they tend to be higher quality and result in higher CTR’s and conversion rates, as well as being easier to rank for quickly..

2. Make sure you use the Deep Linking feature, this is VERY powerful! Most people only bother to get backlinks to the home page of their sites, so getting just a few good links to some internal pages can make a MASSIVE difference..

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, then you’re probably too late by now as last time I checked there were only a few places left, you can go check here:

I posted a bit of an epic post on one of my blogs on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, over 2,500 words all about why I sometimes promote other peoples affiliate links.

You can read it here:

Matt Garrett’s Blog Post Competition

I decided to make it worth peoples time for reading the post though, by adding a competition for the best two comments based on a question I ask, so there’s 2 x $50 up for grabs..

but you don’t need to read it all to enter the comepetition, you can find details down towards the bottom of the post..

The Competition closes on Monday, so go check it out now..

Matt Garrett’s Blog Post Competition