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Bonuses Increase Conversions For Affiliate Promotions

Offering a bonus when you’re promoting an affiliate product can make a serious difference to the conversion you end up getting, and therefore how much money you make.

You can’t just slap up any old bonus offer though.

Your bonus needs to be targeted to the original product or service that you’re promoting, so that it increases the value of the offer itself with a related benefit.

Everyone loves getting a freebie thrown in, but offering bonus on big launches is now becoming fairly common practice, so your free gift needs to stand out.

Get the right bonus and it can easily double or even triple the number of sales you make, which is a pretty massive boost to yuor potential income.

This is a case study from Craig Stringham, a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Masterclass in 2009. It is 100% unedited.

Name: Craig Stringham

Niche: Niche Marketing

Blog URL:

Website URL:

In early 2009 I was looking for a way to make an additional income and at the age of 49 I had very few choices left. I had grown up around automobiles and construction when I was a young man.

So most of my life I had been good with my hands.

I was considered a very good mechanic and welder. I was also pretty darn good with a tape measure and a knife.

I had grown up in a rural area of Michigan so hunting, fishing and self preservation were in the mix of interests to a young country boy and his friends. Yep…That is where my roots are!

So what’s so important about cloaking your affiliate links..?

[Phantom Link Cloaker Video Below]

several things in fact: –

1. first of all it means you can change a long, ugly, and obviously affiliate url like this –

in to something shorter, esier to remember (depending on the url you use) and not so obviously an affiliate url, like this: –

which also allows you to choose the wording for the actual link, so you can use something descriptive and relevant, as I did in the link above, or a word that catches attention in some manner, such as: –

2. this also helps to stop affiliate commission “theft”, or “hoplink hijacking”, with popular affiliate systems like Clickbank, where it’s easy for a visitor to replace the affiliate link with their own, as shown in the video below.

Today I’ve got a free must read “cut the crap” report for you…

this free report is 38 pages of real, non-sales, useful info!

it’s from Andrew Hansen, one of favorite internet marketers and a top niche blogger, and that’s not just because I’ve had a pint or two with him –

Andrew is a straight talking, no nonsense kinda guy, and this report proves that, big time!

here’s a line from the one of the opening paragraphs of the report that I’ll bet you can identify with: –

“The biggest reason people fail to make money online is because this industry makes it so damn hard to find and focus on the right information and persist with a single course of action until it results in a profit.”

Article Marketing

Note: If you’ve already mastered the secrets of article marketing and are more interested in blog automation and traffic then skip to the links at the bottom.

I’m a huge fan of the combined power of blogging and article marketing for a very simple reason, it makes up a large part of my business!

Article Marketing Secrets

but that’s not the only reason….

it’s also the quickest, easiest and most COST EFFECTIVE (i.e. cheap) methods of starting to make m0ney online.

you should already have a blog setup by now, having read my BlogTactics blog Setup Guide (if not then please go do so!:)

so you now need to know how to make the most out of article marketing, both to start generating some cash, and to start getting visitors and building a list.

This guest post was provided by – an affiliate marketing resource for anyone who is looking to find affiliate programs within their niche.

Working Offline with Affiliate Marketing

As you understand affiliate marketing is a business that mainly takes place online, but you should never neglect the importance of putting some of your efforts offline. In getting as many visitors as possible you’ll have great possibilities of making quite a nice extra income. For some people this isn’t just an “extra” income – they are so successful that it’s the way they make their living.

There simply is too much at risk in ignoring the offline world – a big part of your earnings could get lost. In marketing offline you have the chance of reaching a big number of potential referrals/visitors. Good news for you is that it isn’t difficult to implement offline marketing in your current marketing plan.

Did you ever get tricked by the nasty Gurus?

Who wouldn’t, right?

If you know HOW it FEELS like to buy their B.S. products and be left empty handed, with no after-sale support or further direction whatsoever..

Then things are going to change really soon!

Would you like to NEVER get into Gurus’ TRAP again so you can start making real EXTRA *income online, part-time or full-time?

Just recently I’ve stumbled upon a cool site where you could discover..

“Everything you Wanted to Know About Building a Small Blog That Makes $300, $3,000.. and Even $30,000 Per Month!”

What I like about it is that it provides ACCESS to a f.ree VIDEO presentation which promises to be groundbreaking and eye-opening..

It’s called – “The BIGGEST Marketing Lie” (A $149 VALUE)

Not Your Typical Article Marketing Report

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you should be aware by now that for getting started with making money online the best and cheapest ways are having a blog and using article marketing, it’s a great combination.

If you haven’t already got your blog setup then grab my free blog setup guide here: –

Free Blog Setup video Guide

I have a report on article marketing that I sell for just $7, which is pretty good, especially at that price, you can check it out here: –

Cheap Ebooks

it’s called the “Lazy Mans Way To Writing Articles” and it’s the last ebook, right at the bottom of page.

BUT I’ve just found a much BETTER guide to article marketing that’s also dirt cheap…

I have recently been working on a new network of blogs for myself, but I’m offering 10 of them as bonuses for the first 10 quick movers who grab a copy of this through my link: –

Google Nemesis

I’m actually offering a choice of three different bonuses to the first quick 10, see the options listed at the bottom of this post to see which one suits you best…

Why am I offering to give away 10 of my own brand new blogs?

Simple, you really need to take a look at this new automated system and I want to make sure you do, AND you take the offer seriously…

Google Nemesis

You have probably already seen an email or two yesterday from other people about this brand new offer, I didn’t send you anything yesterday becauseI needed to check it out for myself first.

one of the most common (and important) questions I get asked is:
“How do I just get started online?”
Great Question!

Most people have never been taught:
How to put up a webpage
How to set up an autoresponder
How to FTP and why it is important
What to use to “edit HTML”
How to put audio on their site
How to register a domain
How to get your website “Hosted”
and the list goes on and on…
You have 2 choices when it comes to learning the “Tech” of the internet:
1. Go and try to figure it out for yourself…

or the easy way…
2. Watch these dead-simple easy videos and get started today: –
How To Put Up A Web Page