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Webinar Plugin for Google Hangouts

webinarexpress[aka GoTo Webinar replacement Plugin for WP]

Want to run webinars without paying through the nose..?

up till now the best (and only real) solution to running webinars was somewhat expensive, at around $500 per month!!

not any more…

WebinarExpress is a new WordPress plugin that is leveraging the power of Webinars and live streaming services like Google Hangouts to build the most flexible and robust Webinar Platform to DATE!

The best part is now you can host unlimited webinars, with unlimited attendees, and more engaging features than GoToWebinar with NO Monthly Fees (can’t beat that).

Just watch the Demo video and see these features in action:

Automated Amazon Niche Site Building Software

The Amazon associates program is just about the easiest way of making money from niche websites right now, if you’re not capitalizing on the power of these sites for your online marketing then you’re seriously missing out…

Quicklink: ~> Auto Amazon Site Builder Tool



Amazon are masters at converting their visitors in to sales AND they have literally tnes of thousands of highly searched for, popular and profitable products for you to choose from and promote…

the possibilities are pretty much endless!

this makes it so much easier to pull bucket loads of commissions straight into your pockets.

of course the potential ‘fly in the ointment’ is of course Google and all it’s painful updates and ‘ranking’ changes…

Fast Cash System

I’ve just come across a new, and a little bit odd, system for getting online commissions in as little as a day with less than an hours work, and no experience required…

Commission Shortcut

Most online affiliate marketing course teach you that you need to be:

~ Building websites [that nobody sees]

~ Generating traffic [that never seems to arrive]

~ Posting useless garbage on Facebook and Twitter

Sure, these “schemes” and “loopholes” all SOUND great…

But when was the last time you really made any cash from them?

that’s why I think you should check out this 100% new shortcut to online profits…


Something COMPLETELY new…

Something 100% unseen

Something that actually works right NOW…

AND will continue working for months and years to come.


earlier this week I did a blog post about how if you do it right your affiliate marketing sites won’t get hit by Google updates like Panda and Penguin.

and how you can grab THE best course for learning exactly how to make sure your sites are ‘done right’ at a whopping 60% discount for the next few days…

Well, the price rise is closing in, it goes up at midnight on Sunday!

This course is a step-by-step guide to profiting with simple affiliate sites.

imho, it is the best, most up to date, education you can get your hands on showing exactly how you can rake it in as a Super Affiliate.

The course has been completely updated for 2012, and it is newbie proof as they come!

the simplest way to build up a solid, ongoing income online is to promote recurring commissions programs, so you make ongoing commissions months after month…

promoting services and products that have a recurring commissions structure made a massive difference to my business when I discovered the true power of this “secret”…

the math makes it easy to see why recurring commission programs simply ROCK!

let’s say you’re promoting a product that pays you $10 commission per sale, as a “one off”

if you make one sale a day, you will have made $300 at the end of the first month, the problem is you’re going to make exactly the same again in month 2, month 3, month 4 etc.

so it’s all supposed to be ‘roses’ being an affiliate marketer, right..?

and yet you just can’t seem to pull in those big paydays that you hear other affiliate marketers talking about…

it’s time to discover what really makes the difference: –


This video and pdf home study course on ‘Affiliate Marketing’ comes with a 97 page manual, as well as 3 tutorial videos covering everything you need to know about succesful Affiliate Marketing…

The Manual: –

* Proven methods for making cash as an affiliate
* Powerful FREE traffic methods
* Easy ways to dominate your competition
* How to use web 2.0 to your advantage
* How to use the best free affiliate resources
* The key elements to true affiliate success

Video #1: Finding Quality Products

2011 Marketing Plan

Do you have a plan for 2011 yet?

if you missed part 1 or 2 of this post you can check them out here: –

as we’re right at the start of the year, I’m going to suggest you take the time to actually have a think about what you want to achieve this year and even write down some goals…

for instance…

  • Do you have a domain name yet?
  • Have you got a blog or website set up yet?
  • Do you have a “lead magnet” (valuable free offer) to offer potential new subscribers?
  • Do you have a “one time offer” to offer your new subscribers?
  • Do you have a high quality product of your own?
  • Do you have your twitter account and facebook fanpage set up?

CBCashGrenade Review and Bonuses

CB Cash Grenade is a breath of fresh air…

CBCashGrenade is not only a rare product in the quality it delivers (although I’ve come to expect this high level of quality from anything Simon & Jeremy release),

it also goes against the recent trend of “blind offers”, where you don’t know what you’re getting until after you’ve paid…

The sales page actually tells you what you’re going to be getting and then delivers exactly that, and more.

How’s that for doing things the right way! 🙂

So what exactly do you get..?

Simon and Jeremy are sharing their insider secrets for making massive affiliate commissions in over 3 and a half hours of “over the shoulder”, step by step tutorial videos!

There’s 15 videos, covering: –

~ 1. Overview of CBCashGrenade

Automated blogs – A system that actually works

isn’t it nice when you come across something that actually does what it says it will..?

I made a post a couple of days ago about AutoBlogs and a new system that helps you automate the whole process of making money with these simple ‘autoblogs’…

well, I’ve now had chance to watch all of the tutorials videos, there’s quite 19 in total, covering everything you need to know.

and I’ve had a play with the software to see just how well it works and I’m impressed!

I’m going to put together a bit of a video for you as soon as I can to show you some of the stuff, I’ll post the video on as well as let me subscribers know about it as soon as it’s ready.

Zero Cost Commissions is an affiliate marketing course with a difference, it’s from two guys who you probably haven’t ever heard of before, because they’re not “guru’s”, they’re real life affiliate marketers who do this for a living and make a killing at it!

In the Internet Marketing world there there are many “guru’s” who make the bulk of their money from selling courses and products teaching other people how to make money with affiliate marketing, even though it’s not the “core” of their own business, in other words they make most of their money from teaching people to do things that they aren’t actually doing themselves…

personally, I haven’t launched a paid (i.e. not free) product of my own (not including PLR products I’ve bought off others) since May 2007…

yup, that’s over 3 years!