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I met JP Schoeffel at the Brit Pack event and was happy to catch up with him for a few beers as I loved his “how to turn sites in to money” book.

We ended up having quite a few drinks and chatting for several hours, more about skiing than internet marketing, which is probably why he forgot to mention another one of his products that I reckon this is something you are going to love!

It was only when I got home and was sorting out the pile of business cards I’d gathered over the weekend that I spotted it on the back of his card!

I’ve been in touch with him for a chat about it and it turns out he didn’t mention it as it’s been closed to new members for the last few months, having sold out, but…

Ellery, from Article Explosion, the ready made AdSense service, has just been in touch to say he’s opened up AE again for the first time in several months, so if you missed out on this the first time, you can grab a place if you’re quick…

I just checked and the page says there are 46 places available right now, but going on past performance they won’t be there long!

and if you grab a spot before midnight Thursday you will be able to get September’s sites as well as Octobers, as he hasn’t taken them down yet.

Ready Made AdSense Sites

You can check out what existing members think of Article Explosion, like “AE absolutely ROCKS!!”, on my blog post here: –

Just a quick up date on Neil Shearing’s Passive Cashflow Secrets, it’s proving to be very popular, I’m not really surprized, Neil always delivers good stuff…

For those of you that have grabbed yourself a copy, I’ll be finishing off the bonus report I offered shortly to get it out to you, apologies for the delay!

the report will list my top 10 favorite (i.e. best earners) recurring payment affiliate programs, as per Neil’s video #7, as well as how I pulled in over $1,180 in recurring revenue in just one day.

The work itself took me about an hour and it’s pulled in over $1,630 more since then, so that hour of work has given me a recurring income of over $2,800 a month, not a bad return…

Real short one today, as it’s Friday and I’m off out to see the new Bourne Movie with some mates in a few hours, we might even sneak in a few beers first…

Ellery, from Article Explosion, the ready made AdSense service, just emailed me to say that there are just 3 spots left open in AE, and whoever’s quick enough to grab one will be able to get last months (July) sites as well as the August sites, but only if you’re real quick and ACT NOW!

Ellery will be taking the July sites down first thing tomorrow, so if you find it a pain building your own AdSense sites, or just to difficult to find good niches, ot just want to put your business on the NEXT LEVEL by automating the process, then you need to get in on this opportunity now, before AE is closed again…

Only 9 Places Left In Article Explosion

Article Explosion re-opened yesterday and I’ve just heard from them that 24 of the 33 spots available have already gone!

This is the first time that they’ve opened up to new members since since they SOLD OUT a couple of months ago, and these last 11 spots will be gone soon…

If you want AdSense sites MADE FOR YOU go and check them out now, before it’s too late…

Turnkey AdSense Business

Article Explosion has re-opened today for just 33 new members!

They’ve not been accepting new members since they sold out a couple of months ago, they keep the number of members down to keep things exclusive and add REAL VALUE for their members…

I’ve posted a bunch of the testimonials from existing members on below so that you can see for yourself HOW GOOD this is is.

AE is the simplest way of getting in to AdSense, as they do pretty much EVERYTHING FOR YOU…

You can grab yourself a spot here: –

Ready Made AdSense Business


Summary: 420 pages on how to build Huge White Hat Content sites that google Loves!

first of all I hope you’ve already downloaded Fred Myson’s Fr.e.e report on generating shed loads of unique content for your sites that is keyword rich and LSI friendly, if not, go grab it now: –

If you’ve ever had problems getting your head around what makes content unique, this report will really help you understand what needs to be done to make google hungry for your sites content.

The report does offer some real valuable info and towards the end Fred mentions his new mega report about how to build huge google friendly sites that can bring in a serious adsense income.

I got an email from Edna at WPManagerDX today about some pretty cool new WP blog themes on offer for just $7.

I snapped up a copy for myself straight away as I can see how good they are.

You can check them out here: –


I’ve come across a new backlink system which I think may well be the best of it’s kind I’ve ever seen.

I’m checking it out now and will send something out about it as soon as I’m happy it does really do what it claims…

If you’ve not already checked out Dave Moore’s Super Apprentice program, you really owe it to yourself to do so, before all the places are gone, there’s only a few left right now…

I got an email from Dave earlier today giving some results from another SA member which I thought I’d pass along as the results are more than a little impressive…

This guy created and uploaded his site first about 3 weeks ago.

The monetization was released (scheduled monetization is a SA feature) sometime early on Monday.

His Monday impressions in Adsense were 120 and he made $3.91. 🙂

Tuesday he made $6.15. It’s now Wednesday.

Dave has looked over his site and discovered something that when he changes it should pull in an extra 3-4 dollars a day.


Project Black Mask

I’ve been in two minds as to whether I would promote Chris McNeeney’s new product as I’ve had problems making money with the techniques given in his last one, Day Job Killer, but I’ve had chance to have a read through some of it now and I have to admit there’s some pretty damned useful linking stuff in there, and from personal experience I know that the AdSense stuff he shows does work…

You may realise by now that I’ve done more than my fair share of “Black Hat” SEO stuff, including building tens of thousands of cloaked AdSense sites, so I know first hand how profitable it can be if you get it right, but you also need to know that it can all go seriously “pear shaped” if you get it wrong.