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Up To Date AdSense Guide

“aka”: AdSense that WORKS + 100k Traffic Blueprint [special bundled deal]

AdSense never stopped making money, you just need to know how to do it right…

Quicklink: – AdSense Bundle Offer

but the problem has always been that Google like to “move the goalposts”, regularly!

So you need an insider edge, up to date info from REAL AdSense experts, that is kept up to date…

The 1st part of this special “bundle offer” that I’ve managed to put together for you is exactly that!

Whilst the original version was released almost a year ago, it’s been updated to keep it bang up to date NINE times since.

It’s also based on the authors own real-world successful Adsense business, incorporating their original ultra-successful ‘Blueprint’ with the added benefits of nearly a year’s worth of further improvements, testing, etc.

A couple of weeks ago I sent out an email to share the results of the research I’d been doing on finding a good wordpress plugin to add AdSense to blogs, since then I’ve received a whole bunch of other questions about AdSense, so I’ve found some video tutorials to share with you AND I’ve set up as a 48 hour subscriber only special offer, so until Tuesday you can grab them for under $7…

check them out here:


I’ve included a 2nd set of video called “AdSense for 2011 and Beyond”

I’ve also included a couple of ebooks on getting up and running with AdSense AND setting up AdSense Sites

AND I’ve included a “PrivacyPolicy.html” page that you can use on the downloads page, just make sure you replace the “” & “” with your own website email and url.

Want to ollow my “Go To” guy for AdSense Blogging..?

one of the advantages that I have from doing this so long, is that over the years I’ve met some great people, people who I have not only learnt from, but ended up becoming friends with and can call on if I get stuck on something.

today I want to share one of my best “go to” guys (and a great friend) with you.

His name’s Mike Spencer and he’s the guy I go to when I get stuck on anything related with AdSense, SEO, automation and a whole bunch of other stuff.

here’s a pic of Mike and I from when we first met, way back in ’05: –

and here’s where you can join me in following his no “B.S.” tips and tricks: –

because you and my other visitors/subscribers seem to value my advice and help so highly (thank you!) I have ended up being placed fairly highly in some of the best product launches over the last 6 months or so.

this has had a knock on effect that other marketers know my name and want to work with me, to the extent that I can “stromg arm” them in to offering special discounts for you, which is way cool, as it means I can help save you even more money!!!

In this case I’ve been able to get 50% knocked of this ready made website service for you: –

Ready Made Websites

Time, or lack of time, is one of the biggest barriers we all face to making a succesful living online, and building your own optimized, AdSense ready sites can take a lot of time and effort..

Do you work with AdWords or AdSense?

AdWords => AdWords Profits
AdSense => AdSense Secrets

probably both right?

yeah, me too.

I’ve made well in to 6 figures US$ with Google AdSense ads on my sites and blogs and along the way I’ve learnt from the best to make this passive income as high as possible!

Well, the best just got better, as today Joel Comm has released version 4 of his AdSense Secrets book: –

AdSense Secrets

Now Joel has charged $97 for this in the past and it sold like hot cakes as it really is worth it, but today he’s offering this new updated version for under $10…

yup, just $9.95 for 222 pages of the very latest AdSense money making info!

AdSense Secrets

so that’s adsense sorted, what about AdWords?

I’ve just set up a new site that I’ll be driving some PPC and Web 2.0 traffic too in a couple days, and when I do I’ll be putting the price up to $27, so if you want to grab a complete guide to using AdWords & AdSense for just $17, go take a look here:

The Big G Factor

The stuff covered is newbie to intermediate level stuff, so if you’re already making money with AdSense and/or AdWords don’t bother with this one..

If you want to check out my favorite advanced AdWords guide take a look at this one:

AdWords 180

I’ve been using the Auto Smart Site Adsense script on half a dozen sites since October last year and I’ve just posted some results about how the sites are doing, you can read about it on my “Testing” blog here:

Automated Whitehat AdSense Sites that Work

feel free to leave a comment too.

and while we’re on AdSense site builders….

one of the top adsense building systems is open again right now for new members, they only open their doors a couple of times each year, so you’ll need to hurry if you want to check this one out:

AdSense Wealth Empire

I must admit I’ve gone back and read the sign up page for this one several times, as it just seems to good to be true, but they’ve got some major players on board, like HBO, Taco Bell, and Harley Davidson.

it’s called PayPerPlay.
it’s free to join.
and you get paid for every visitor to your site!!!

yup, I told you it sounded to good to be true, but I’m sure not going to miss out on trying it out…

PayPerPlay Ads

they also credit you for referrals on two levels, so this is going to spread like wildfire!
we’re all going to be bombarded with promo emails about this from every side over the next few weeks, mark my words!

two quickies for you today…

1st – a surprise bonus!

If you picked up a copy of the AdSense Alternatives report (AdSense Alternatives) then keep an eye on your inbox, as I’ll be sending out a quick bonus list of an extra 21 alternative places you can get different types of ads for your sites for you shortly.

2nd – I’ve just had a note from JP Schoeffel to let me know he’s just about to close the doors to his “98% done for you, Niche business in a box” private members club…

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence for this one, you’re about to run out of time and miss out on one of the easiest ways to have a complete website business up and running in supershort time…

check it out here before it’s gone:

scared of losing your AdSense account?

I’ve had 4 AdSense accounts closed by Google this year, 2 of them I know why, the other 2 I have no idea why andย  Google won’t tell me.

so having some alternative sources of income to AdSense isn’t just sensible, it’s essential for the health of your earnings!

I just found a whole bunch of them…

AdSense Alternative