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Yesterday I made a post about how important I believe it is for you to take a look at the new course from Michael Rasmussen (Build a Buyers List), and I even offered a bonus copy of my report, worth $97, for free…

Today I want to cover a couple of questions that I’ve had about the course: –

Q #1 – Is this just the same old list building stuff again, or is there actually something new in here..?

You won’t find ANY traditional (i.e. the stuff we all already know) list building techniques in this course.
Why? Because it’s focused on building a list of BUYERS, which is a far higher value list, not just subscribers who’ve signed up for some free offer and may not even have a credit card or PayPal account…

Wouldn’t you rather have a list of people who have a high annual wage, and therefore have “disposable income” to spend, than “freebie” seekers who don’t/won’t/can’t take action?

This is one of the REAL SECRETS of effectivelist building, concentrate your efforts on those who can afford to take action and have done so already!

Q #2 – Can anyone build a list of”Buyers”, or is it just for “experts/gurus”?

This is the strange bit, it’s actually easier to build a list of buyers than freebie seekers in many ways, as these people are used to taking action, it’s why they are already where they are and able to afford to take action, both in time and money.

People who are stuck on a minumum wage are more likly to be working very hard, all the hours they can just to keep up with where they are, making it very difficult for them to find the time or disposable income needed to take action, it’s harsh, but true.

Michael’s course shows you not only how to focus on building a list of buyers, but also how to set it up so it’s all automated, so that you don’t end up having to do the same work over andover again, meaning you end up as one of those “action takers” with more free time and disposable income…

So the answer is no, it’s not hard work, once you know how…

and YES, anyone can do this, even a complete newbie.

All you have to do is follow the simple blueprint Michael outlines in his videos, and you’ll be on your way to building a killer buyer list that can make you money for years and years to come.


these are the strategies that Michael uses himself to build massive lists of buyers and regularly produce five figure paydays with just a single email!

And when you follow this simple course, you’ll be able to build a list that can get you big results like that as well. All it takes is for you to invest a few bucks into your own education.

and this course is very affordable, it’s under priced imho, and it’s not some monthly recurring payment scheme, it’s a one off investment in your own financial freedom!

So go grab your copy now, and sendme a copy of your receipt (via to claim your free bonus worth $97

Build a Buyers List

Please, go and invest in your future now by clicking on the link above!

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