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Get 1st Page on Google

$1 to Nail The 1st Page on Google, and I’ll pay!

Crazy Pete is back, and he’s back with a bang!

SEO Brute

His team of SEO coding monkeys have re-written his crazy SEO tool that dominates the first few pages of google results for people!

To be fair the re-write needed to be done as a few people were having problems getting it fully running on Windows Vista, it is now!

but Pete took the opportunity to add some VERY NEAT new features in as well, like the new DARE Feature.

which makes this the ONLY SEO product available that provides you Unique to Google Content to use, saving you a major hassle of preparing content to use!

and it’s perfectly readable, not some not spun gibberish…

all you do is enter your keyword…

but the palces are limited and already going, it’ll probably be sold out within hours, so go take a look now: –

SEO Brute

so exactly what does this tool do?

  1. creates feeder sites for you on 8 authority Portals top drive fr.e.e traffic to your money sites
  2. creates a 3 way links network form these new authority pages to your money site, bringing more fr.e.e traffic
  3. submits your RSS feed to the top 20 RSS aggregators for, yup, you guessed it, yet more authority site “link love” and fr.e.e traffic!
  4. submits your articles to 17 top articles directories, I figure you’re probably getting the idea of what that means by now, right?
  5. submits videos for you to the top 20 video sites for yet more links and traffic…

the REAL IMPORTANT point here that you need to grasp is that these extra sites/pages that it sets up for you on the authority sites, and the pages in the RSS sites, videos sites etc., all end up ranking as well as your money site, so you can end up dominating the first page (or more) of google and sucking up ALL the available traffic!

people are already doing exactly that, isn’t it your turn…?

go and get started now: –

SEO Brute

it’s also a piece of cake to use this thing! I’ll be doing a video shortly to show how to use it, but it will be sold out before I get the video posted, so don’t miss out, go grab it already!!!

Oh, and just to make it real simple you get to use the complete full version for 7 days for just $1, so you can check it out for yourself and make sure you are happy that it does what it says on the box…

can’t argue with that!

In fact, I’m so convinced you are going to love this thing, I’ll put my money where my mouth is!

Use this link to go sign up – SEO Brute

then send me your paypal email address and receipt transaction ID via my helpdesk –

Contact Matt Garrett

Contact Matt Garrett

and I will refund you $1 cost for the 7 day trial, so you get to use it for FR.E.E!

now that is an offer that you can’t refuse, agreed?

here’s that link again:

}=> SEO Brute

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