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I’ve got a couple of things to cover today, starting with an apology for not sending out the first of the “nuggets” I promised yesterday, it’s taken me longer to catch up on my backlog of email than I expected…

OK, first up there’s something new out today from one of my favorite membership sites, in fact if you got my bonus report for Neil Shearing’s Passive Cashflow Secrets you’ll recognize it as one of my top 10 sites.

so what’ve they released that’s got my attention?

I’ve been using a site building tool for a few years now that has never really had any competition for building content and affiliate sites, called XSitePro (XSP), and I’ve recommended it solidly since it was launched.

well, XSP now has some VERY SERIOUS competition!

It’s called SiteRubix and you can check it out here:


and the best part is, if you’re already a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get it for free, if you’re not, then go get in now…

Wealthy Affiliate

so on to my first tip which is related to using AWeber for managing your lists.


In fact it’s even more important if you don’t already use AWeber.

AWeber is widely seen as the best “AutoResponder” (email list/subscriber management) system available.

I personally wouldn’t use anything other system for managing my lists, as I have in the past and discovered just how costly it can be to pick a bad one.

I’m not going to cover the reasons why AWeber is so good, as you can do a search and find out quite easily, although the main point is the 98%+ deliverability!

One of the reasons AWeber get such a high deliverability of emails is the option for using “double optin” where people have to confirm their request to join your list. You will have seen this when you joined this list as all of my general lists are double optin to be Spam Act Compliant.

When you set up a new list in AWeber you can choose whether the list is single or double optin, where single optin doesn’t require the subscriber to confirm their subscription request.

Still with me?

Good, almost there…

Ok, the important bit is that if you choose the double optin option for your very first list you will be stuck with it for all future lists and not have the option for single optin lists…

You’re wondering why that could be a problem right?

Well, one of the cool things in AWeber is you can automatically remove someone from one list when they join a new list. This is VERY USEFUL when you have a list of people who are interested in your product and when they buy and subscribe to your “buyers” list you can have them automatically removed from the “leads/interested” list, at which point you don’t want them to have to double optin again.

Now that’s quite a long explanation and it may not be relevant or make sense to you right now, but if you really want to make money online having a list of subscribers is one of the most valuable things you can do, so when you are ready and get yourself an AWeber account, just remember not to set up the first list as double optin.

you can just set up a dummy list as single optin and not use it, that way you won’t lose the option.

here’s a link for AWeber in case you are ready to start building a list:


and if you need any clarification on this feel free to email me your questions and I’ll try and answer them.

Oh, and I’ll make sure the next tip is a bit easier to understand, but I wanted to get this one out as it’s pretty important.

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