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OK, I’ve got another tip for you today, and it’s to do with using your autoresponder again, whether it’s AWeber or another one…

When someone subscribes to your newsletter the optin confirmation page is an ideal place to let your new subscriber know about a product of yours or a related affiliate product.

This is often called an “OTO” or 1 time offer as they will only see it once, the important bit is that you’ve got the chance to promote a product that is related to the subject of the list/newsletter that they have just signed up for.

I was lucky enough last weekend to have the chance to throw back a few pints of the old black stuff (Guinness) with a guy called Soren Jordansen, who turns out to be a pretty sharp marketer and he shared something with me that I’d missed…

When someone unsubscribe’s from your autoresponder they will normally be sent to a “confirmation/thank you” page, this is another valuable piece of “virtual Real Estate” (VRE) that could be used in a couple of ways.

First you could simply recommend a related product, although as they are unsubscribing they may not be keen.

so instead you could approach some other internet marketers who have a different “style” of writing or area of expertise and do a “traffic swap”, where you place their newsletter optin form on your unsubscribe page and they do the same for you.

it’s a classic win/win scenario!

however, a couple of days ago I came across something that I reckon could be used to make this even more powerful by giving the person leaving your list a choice of options…

you can check it out here:

Exit Popup

Oh, it’s not just useful for the unsubscribe confirmation page, it can actually be used on any page to pop up when someone goes to leave…

I can’t wait to get this set up on a whole bunch of my sites and lists!

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