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The best tool I know of for gettings hundreds of backlinks to your sites for free is open for new members again, but there are only 7 spots available and it will close again at midnight EST at the latest….

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there’s also links for two free reports at the bottom of this email, but before you jump ahead take a moment to read what other people are saying about one of my absolute favorite system for getting hundreds of backlinks to your sites:

N.B. THE MOST Powerful tactic for getting free TRAFFIC to your site is by getting as many backlinks as possible, this tool can automatatically get you HUNDREDS!!!

#1  – “as it was a test, I did the barest of minimum for data entry.

Within about 36 hours my traffic was up by over 50%!

I’ll be damned if my Adsense wasn’t up by 30% the next day.

I was so impressed, I’ve now dedicated a machine to just run this…”

#2 – “I have managed to get hundreds of links for my new sites.

The PR has gone up and I am getting new links from PR 6,5, and 4 sites.”

#3 – “On day 1 I picked a crappy site to try out, prior to posting the site it had 0 links, I‘ve only done 1 posting for this site, this is what’s happened so far;

Day 1 – before = 0 links
        after = 18 links
Day 2 – 18 links
Day 3 – 313 links (I couldn’t believe it)”

#4  – “I’m seeing major SERPs position changes; I’m now getting addicted to finding new search phrases, and getting deep links to my site(s). I have a dedicated box running day and night. Very happy so far..”

#5 – “Submitted to a small database (only 737) last weekend with a 4% success rate. Not brilliant but OK. My domain had only (just) been spidered by Googlebot for the first time.

This weekend I’m rated No.1 for my main phrase (one word) and No.3 for that word split into two. Without going into details they are two words that are very commonly used on sites and that No.3 is out of… 231,000,000 competing pages in Google. No.1 and No.3. In a week.

Oh, and the domain and site build are less than a month old – in fact, the site is virtually empty with just some placeholder text in a template.”

Personally, I have this set up on my laptop so it can run in the background while I’m working on my main PC, and it has got me some truly wicked results, bringing some of my old sites that I thought were dead back to life, and more importantly, getting them to make me money again…

Grab one of the last 7 spots for youself before someone else does:

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GET LazyGitMarketing for FREE!!

A couple of days ago I offered a free copy of LazyGitMarketing to you if you signed up for Ewen Chia’s SuperAffiliate Club (Super Affiliate Club) simply because I know it’s such good value, well I know from experience that this tool is awesome value, so I’m willing to offer the same deal, but you’ve got to MOVE REAL QUICK…

Grab your place using the link below and then send me your confirmation email to ask mattg to claim your free copy of LazyGitMarketing today!

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oh, and don’t forget to grab copies of these two free reports:

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and the

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