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Can you really build a whole new Niche site in under a minute?

You can now! 🙂

Today  a seriously slick new auto site builder has been released. It’s been responsible for over 1million targeted visitors this year already, and this is the first time it’s ever been available to you and me…

This automated site building system is simply the “Mutt’s Nuts”!!! [imho]

Note: that may be a bit of a “Brit” phrase, but it basically means “seriously good”. 😉

it will build a whole site for you in under a minute, including: –

~> keyword research, which is then automatically updated on a regular basis

~> finding the content for you, again automatically keeping this fresh over time

and all this is hand free, you simply pick the template you want to use, specify the main keyword you want to base the site on, and pop in a few other simple bits of info and click the button, the system then goes off to build the whole site for you, the only thing left to do once it’s complete is use your ftp to upload the site!

If you need a video on how to use ftp there’s one (along with where to get ftp software for free) here: –

Matt’s 4 minute marketing videos

there’s also a sweet article writer built in to help you add your own unique custom content if you want to.

and a banner ad management section so you can sell banner ads (or use AdSense) or use it to promote your own sites and services. This includes a split testing function so you can see which ads work the best to maximise your profit!

there’s even an exit traffic regenerator, to capture people leaving your site and make them one last offer before they leave.

you can watch a quick demo video showing you the whole process on the page here: –

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