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Auto Blog Setup Software for under $10…

“The Heads Up” – This is only going to interest you if you work with WordPress blogs

It’s a real simple piece of software that is so easy to use I got the demo video done on the first ever run through of the software, I didn’t need to do a practice run, which is pretty damned unusual!

watch the video on the blog post here: –

so what does it do..?

It makes it super quick to get all your favorite plugins and theme installed AND activated on a new blog.

Note: you do need to do the Fantastico install first, but that’s also a piece of cake and take less than a couple of minutes, and you can always check my video here to see how to do this: –

It also installs any standard pages that you use, like the “about”, “contact us”, “privacy Policy” & “Affiliate Disclosure”, which you should use as Google expects to see them nowadays.

It is also supposed to change your permalink structure for you, although in my demo video that didn’t work for some reason.

It will also set up two plugins that are specifically designed to get you backlinks on auto pilot, and I’ll do a seperate video or two on these for you over the next few days to show you how to get the most out of them.

The sooftware does also allow you to have different “templates” for different “styles” of blogs, for instance in different niches.

the video is just over 6 mins long, so won’t take long for you to check out, and it’s a youtube one, so you’ve got all the controls, I know how irritating those videos without any controls on are!! 😉

I’ve popped the video on a blog post here: –

and at the moment it’s less than $10 to grab this for yourself!

or if you want to go straight to the tool itself it’s here:


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