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Armand Morin’s asked me to mention his BigSeminar to you.

It’s on October 5th, 6th and 7th in Atlanta, Georgia.

the line up of speakers includes some very sharp and knowledgeable marketers,

Ryan Deiss, Declan Dunn, Matt Bacak, Michael Fortin, and of course Armand Himself.

But don’t just think about it as an opportunity to learn, it’s also a great chance to

network and find new business partners and JV partners. I know from personal

epxerience that the contacts you can meet at these sort of events are worth their

weight in gold to your business, so take this chance to move your business forward…

Armand Morin’s BigSeminar

Oh, he’ll also give you 12 teleseminar recordings just for signing up for more.

I’d be going myself, but I’m already booked up for the BritPack Seminar in the UK" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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