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one of my switched on readers sent me an email yesterday (thanks Lyn) with an interesting point about how many marketers are probably losing quite a few potential sales un-necessarily.

It’s a well know marketing statistic that the more often a potential customer sees your offer, the more likely they are to buy, apparently the magic figure is 7 times, although I’ve no idea who did the study.

anyway, Lyn was saying that she sometimes ends up back on a squeeze page that she’s visited before and when she then fills in her email address to get access to the free report or sales etc, if she’s already been there before then she gets a message from the autoresponder, if it’s aweber, saying she’s already signed up..

now the obvious solution is to use a different email address, but then you end up receiving multiple emails from the marketer, which is irritating.

but that shouldn’t be necessary as AWeber has a feature to deal with exactly this scenario, so it’s happening either because the marketer doesn’t know about or understand this feature, or because they’re simply too lazy..

The feature is in the webform and I’ve posted a couple of images below so you can see where to put the url that you want people to be redirected to if they’ve already signed up to your list…

aweber web form tip

<– snip –>

aweber webform optin tip
To see what I mean you can try it out on the signup for my Blog Setup Tips Newsletter

I recently added some extra new freebies to the signup and wanted to make sure that anyone who was already a subscriber could get them without having to subscribe with a new email address, so if someone is already on the list, they simply get taken straight to the freebies download page without having to signup again with a new email address..

two other quick points while I think about it:

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Comment by Lyn
2008-02-09 11:13:42

Thanks for the tip Matt.

If you guys are guilty of this, don’t feel bad. Sometimes the gurus are the worst. I’ve come across it with Yanik Silver, and just this morning tried to subscribe to an attractive offer from Cody Moya and was blocked out because apparently I had subscribed before.

Oh well, I suppose it saved me from having duplicate stuff cluttering up my hard drive!

Comment by Parimal
2008-02-09 19:13:09

Hi Matt,
Great tip!

I didnt know about that though I am a aweber customer.

Any other tip you got that will help gain customer rather than losing it.

What is the best way to get more optins using aweber. How to market using aweber.


Comment by admin
2008-02-10 19:46:47

I’ll be posting som emore videos on using AWeber in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned..

Comment by Andrea
2008-02-17 15:33:00

Thanks for the great tip. I just switched to AWeber and it’s great to have such a useful tip to start me off.

2008-02-22 10:07:21

[…] Matt presents Are You Losing Sales With This Simple Aweber Mistake..? posted at, saying, “Don’t lose sales […]

Comment by javanx3d
2009-04-30 20:13:27

Great tips. Had a question on the ‘show the sales pitch 7 times’ to get a conversion though…is there a magic number to show (on the high end) to max out the pitch displays to the consumer without action on their part before 7 to avoid turning them off to your service, product, etc?

Comment by Donald
2009-12-13 16:44:08


Thanks for that tip. I recently signed up for Aweber and I am not sure how to go about it even though it’s a step by step guide. I need to maybe look at a forum to get me going. Hope someone out there can help out.



Comment by admin
2009-12-13 20:06:24

Hi Donald,
there’s a cheap set of tutorial videos for aweber here: –

2010-01-28 20:03:40

Hey, Matt…

Although I do not personally use AWeber, I can still appreciate the feature. Excellent tip!

I hope there will be even more, that I could use someday too. Thanks, anyway…

Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

Comment by Heather Watson
2010-02-16 06:40:39

Hi Matt,
I had the same thing happen to me, I was trying to get a Banner software generator so I could make my own banners, and it told me I was already signed up, I couldn’t remember my password so I hit lost password, I then was told my email address couldn’t be found, so I put in a Brand new email I have only just had made up and have never used, only to be told it was already there, and to put in the correct password! 😆 So again I asked for my password and surprise, surprise my new email was unknown to them. I contacted the company who told me “We can’t find either email address, but if it says you have signed up then you must have”! :roll: so click here, but click here asks for your password which I don’t have, as I don’t remember ever signing up with them, so, so much for making a banner, as I am surposed to be with that company I don’t intend paying again to another company so I will have to think of something other than a banner. Gotta say, Not a happy customer ❗


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